For Puris Only: The Lost TATTGOC Primer

For the Scottish Curry Awards 2011, TATTGOC were asked to submit a one-minute video explaining the blog (they did the same thing last year). It wasn't screened on the night due to, ah, technical problems but we present it here, in the slightly shonky Blogger video format that, annoyingly, knocks the crackerjack editing off just a little bit:

Those Scottish Curry Awards 2011 Winners In Full ...

If you were following The Tramp's breakneck updates on the official TATTGOC Twitter last night, you'll already have heard the big news from the Scottish Curry Awards 2011: after a questionable starter, the main buffet turned out to be excellent! Also, Tam Cowan was crowned Curry Lover of the Year 2011, wrestling the beautiful ceremonial plate from the metaphorical grasp of TATTGOC.

If the Tramps were in any doubt as to whether the veteran journalist and broadcaster was truly worthy to follow in their sturdy footsteps, they got their answer during Tam's acceptance speech where, within seconds, he delivered a mischievous diss to the award's beer sponsor. Such impishness seems entirely in keeping with TATTGOC's ethos. So Tam, TATTGOC salutes you!

But that was only the first award of the night ... how did the rest go down? Those results in full:

Best Supermarket Curry: Asda (that's three years in a row!)

Team of the Year Award: Ashoka Johnstone, Johnstone (second year in a row!)

Chef of the Year Award: Ajmal Mushtaq of Mushtaq's Restaurant, Hamilton

Takeaway of the Year Award: Banana Leaf, Glasgow (second year in a row!) 

Lifetime Achievement Award 2011: The legendary Mrs Unis from Edinburgh

Curry King of the Year Award: Mother India mastermind Monir Mohammed

(Now it gets a bit complicated, as the Restaurant of the Year had winners in each of the four regional categories, plus one overall winner.)

North West winner: Spice Tandoori, 141 High Street, Fort William 
South West winner: Balbir’s, 7 Church Street, Glasgow
North East winner: Bombay Joe's, 44 Gray Street, Dundee
South East winner: Suruchi, 14a Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

And the overall winner of Restaurant of the Year was ... Balbir’s

Other highlights of the night included some decent gags from host Charan Gill, the Tramps finally getting to meet "Hector" and his partner Marg of the excellent Curry-Heute blog and the raising of a whole heap of money for the Scottish Spina Bifida Association. Not bad for a Monday ...

Trampy And The Tramp's Curry *Loves* Of The Year
The Monday Side Dish: Scottish Curry Awards 2011 Nominees!
STOP PRESS! Scottish Curry Awards 2011 Nominations Close Today
The Monday Side Dish: April 11

From Our Foreign Curryspondent: Dateline ... Hong Kong!

(The TATTGOC brotherhood extends around the globe, and we welcome reports of curry expeditions beyond Glasgow – in this bulletin, Makhni Knife files a spicy dispatch from Hong Kong, a belated follow-up to his earlier transmission from Japan that, dear readers, was TATTGOC's FIRST EVER Foreign Curryspondence. S'good to have him back ...)

Branto, Hong Kong by Makhni Knife

Lashings of apologies, distant TATTGOC brothers/cousins/nephews.

This curryspondent has been shamefully remiss in delivering regular dispatches from Asia, while his friend and rival Tikka MaBaws continues to eat and write his way around the world with effortless facility. By way of contrition, there now follows a belated report from that mighty oriental gateway and former jewel of Empire, Hong Kong!

Hong Kong, of course, is the name given to the city, the island, the whole administrative shebang that dangles off the southern end of China.

Close your eyes and picture that luminous, vertiginous skyline, the skyscrapers stacked to the clouds with pink-faced, pink-shirted bankers from the south of England, neo-colonial pigs that haw-hee-haw like donkeys. Then cast those eyes across Victoria Harbour to the dark side of the Pearl River Delta – the Chinese side, if you will. Kowloon! Teeming with tenements and street markets! Home of the fearsome Triads, and setting for double-fisted teahouse gunplay in the films of John Woo! And location of the finest Indian restaurant in the region!

This is, at least, the opinion of Curry Club first-timers MacDhosa (pictured on the TATTGOC roster of missing Curry Comrades) and his wife Thali Mo, experienced gourmands with exacting standards who have spent the last half-decade sampling the pan-global variety offered by Hong Kong’s special cooking pot of cultures and cuisines. Indeed, an earlier visit by Makhni Knife and Rumpole Of The Balti (along with the lovely Mrs Rumpole) yielded an excellent Indian meal at another Kowloon favourite, the splendidly named Gaylord – which was only dismissed as a contender for curryspondence because it’s part of a worldwide chain with branches in London, Bombay, New York, and Kobe, Japan. Decent as the food was, especially when accompanied by live sitar music, it didn’t have the uniqueness required by the TATTGOC constitution, as enshrined by founding fathers Trampy and The Tramp. A nearby institution called Branto promised to be a different story ...

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Trampy And The Tramp's Curry *Loves* Of The Year

Has it really been a year since Trampy and The Tramp (and, by extension, the entire TATTGOC brotherhood) were voted Curry Lover(s) Of The Year at the Scottish Curry Awards 2010? Time certainly flies when you're seeking out hidden-gem restaurants in the UK's official Curry Capital every month, then diligently writing up the experience and interspersing the rest of the weekly blog updates with posts about piquant music, exciting new curry products and detailed telegrams from Foreign Curryspondents in far-flung places. Phew!

But while the blog always thunders forward like Bob Seger on his hog in Roll Me Away, TATTGOC's recent (and surprising!) repeat nomination has put the Tramps in an uncharacteristically reflective mood. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. So what been some of their personal highlights of the past 12 months? Trampy and The Tramp's Curry Loves of the Year, if you like? Here's a top three ...

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The Monday Side Dish: Scottish Curry Awards 2011 Nominees!

Can a curry blog – even a highly-respected, award-winning curry blog – truly stay on top of the world's spicy news when it only updates once a week? Probably not, which is why Trampy and The Tramp's Glasgow of Curry occasionally orders up The Monday Side Dish: a platter of grilled titbits to tide you over until Thursday. Pass the raita ...

Big news in the Sunday Post yesterday ... turns out Daphne's boyfriend isn't half-French and half-Polish, he's actually just a French polisher! Also, in their capacity as media sponsor of the Scottish Curry Awards 2011, the Sunday Post revealed the nominees in five of the major categories. And there were a few surprises! Here's the rundown so far:

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REVIEW: Punjabs For The Boys

Punjabi, Paisley Road West

The Time: April 21, 8.15pm 

Booking Name: Greg Baker!

The Pub Aforehand: The 78, Kelvinhaugh Street

In Attendance: Trampy, The Tramp, The Bulldosa, The Duke, The Gheezer, Sir Spicy Lover and – receiving his first TATTGOC cap – Bobo Balti.

Décor: Very black frontage with a big neon sign, but cosy inside, with intriguing art on the walls and an elaborate roof that is among the best TATTGOC has experienced.

Expectations: The Punjabi came recommended by a good friend who said the venerable restaurant and takeaway had been there “forever”. After a few experiences where restaurants have been targeted, just to close when TATTGOC hoves into view, the Punjabi always felt like a keeper.

The Experience:

What’s the opposite of serendipity? That’s what the Tramps found themselves wondering after a rollercoaster week in the run-up to the April/Easter TATTGOC outing. After cutting about the west end for the past few expeditions, it was decided that it was time for the Curry Club to take those broken wings and learn to fly again to Southie (which is what we would call the Southside if we were Boston crime writer Dennis Lehane. Southie! It sounds cool! Southie!) The last time the TATTGOC faithful assembled south of the mighty Clyde it was to cart a crate of Kingfisher to The Viceroy, which was a pretty pleasant evening all round according to this field report. (And Kabana doesn't technically count since it was delivered.)

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