REVIEW: Soots You, Sir

Charcoals, City Centre

The Time: April 19, 8.30pm

The Pub Aforehand: The Horseshoe, Drury Street

In Attendance: Trampy, The Tramp, Rogan Josh Homme, Ravi Peshwari, The Duke, Rumpole Of The Balti and The Gheezer.

Decor: Surprisingly spacious, decorated in earthy yellows and browns, with traditional art on the walls. A step up from most city centre curry cantinas.

Expectations: No Curry Clubber had been to Charcoals before, although many had walked past it on busy Renfrew Street. Online rumours about its skyscraping TripAdvisor ranking had intrigued the Tramps.

The Experience:

If you think about it, TATTGOC is sort of like the Justice League, with The Tramp cast as Superman, Trampy as Batman and The Bulldosa as Wonder Woman. Or maybe it’s actually more like The Avengers, with The Tramp as Iron Man, The Duke as Captain America, The Bulldosa as Black Widow and Trampy as Batman. (The key thing to remember here is that Trampy will always be Batman.) Such pulpy, four-colour thoughts of capes, KA-POWs! and spandex inevitably came to mind in the comfy environs of The Horseshoe, one of Glasgow most celebrated city centre pubs, when – SUDDENLY! – Thor god of thunder stunt double Rogan Josh Homme blew in, straight from an Avengers screening and junket in Big London.

While careful not to spoil any plot points from the highly anticipated Marvel Studios movie (released today), Rogan Josh Homme was happy to do some show-and-tell on the sweet swag he’d bagged, including Lego versions of Black Widow and Hawkeye, a set of Avengers logo badges and a surprisingly sturdy Captain America mask that was excitedly passed around the Curry Clubbers in attendance – Trampy, Ravi Peshwari, The Duke, Rumpole Of The Balti and The Gheezer – for unprecedented photo opportunities. But where was TATTGOC’s own Iron Man, The Tramp? If this was one of the movies, there would have most likely been a knotty problem with the tiny nuclear generator in his chest that keeps him alive but is also, tragically, killing him. But it was actually because he was working late ...

Kneel Before Pod! It's Episode 7 Of The Galaxy's Only Curry 'Cast ...

We know what you're thinking. "It must be about time for a new episode of Keep Calm And Curry On." And it is, so here you go. Your burly hosts must be getting better at talking fast, because this is the slimmest KCACO yet, breaking the tape at just under 35 minutes. Yet it still feels pretty packed, with a round-up of London curry pop-up events (one of which has, uh, been postponed since our recording session), news of an exciting new TV project for Curry Queen Madhur Jaffrey, and an enthusiastic but inevitably ill-informed trip into the world of football.

There's a short review of Kama Sutra's most recent opening in Stirling, plus an extended look at a curry cookbook from over 50 years ago that somehow manages to be both informative and yet wittier than most cookbooks (and even blogs) written today. And after last month's outing for Ravi Shankar in The Tramp's Jukebox Puri, it's time for his nephew Ananda to have his moment in the spotlight.

It's all there, stuffed into the Mixcloud player below ... 

(Click here for more listening options and the show notes ...)

The Scottish Curry Awards 2012: If We Had A Starting Gun It Would Say, Simply ... "Bang".

Due to the sheer goddamn professionalism of TATTGOC, many people assume that each week's post is locked down well in advance, just the latest salvo in an ordered procession of informative yet witty broadsides racked up like clay pigeons in a flywheel trap. But that's not entirely true. Right up until each fateful Thursday – unless it's the week after an official Curry Club outing – the Tramps rigorously debate what to write about, often drawing from their faithful (actually, let's say "beloved") roster of regular items but also allowing enough wriggle-room for the odd curveball.

This week, after passing Sibbo's Delhi Dhabba and noting it was both closed for refurbishment and under new management, the initial idea was to look back at the restaurants featured in TATTGOC's spicy archive and make a sombre toast, and perhaps pour out a bit of lassi on the pavement for those establishments no longer with us ("this one's for our Dennistoun homie, Cafe Spice, east side fo' life!"). But after a bit of thought, we decided that might actually be a little depressing. And anyway ... of the 35 or so curryhouses the TATTGOC gang have officially visited en masse in the past three and a half years, only three are closed or have reopened in different guises. So instead, we want to celebrate the future. So it seems appropriate to relate that nominations for the Scottish Curry Awards 2012 are now open.

The Curry Lover nominees 2011
Of course, in January this year Trampy and The Tramp announced their retirement from the Curry Lover category of this particular competition, but the awards are still a chance to shine a light on both restaurants and takeaways that can be sometimes overlooked, especially with the relatively new regional approach, so we would recommend voting to celebrate your local curryhouse. And let's see what happens! The awards take place on June 11, and you can put forward your nominations by downloading the form here.

Only Here For The Beer (And Curry Tapas)
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Only Here For The Beer (And Curry Tapas)

It's been a busy time for TATTGOC birthdays. First Rabbie Shankar met a milestone, which was presumably worth it, if only so he could legitimately lay claim to the famed "extra chop" at Curry Club's recent outing to Cafe Darna. Second, on this very day of blog publication, TATTGOC's most prolific foreign curryspondent Tikka MaBaws takes another teetering step into adulthood. And last week, TATTGOC co-founder and resident kitchen wizard The Tramp blew out the candles on a reasonably large metaphorical cake. But what do you get the award-winning curry lover who has everything? If you're Mumbai Me A Pony, you track down a set of amazing vintage curry cookbooks from the 1950s. And if you're Trampy, you book him into an event that involves curry and beer so that you can also attend ...

And so it was the Tramps found themselves at Cafe India in the Merchant City for a very special evening: an introduction to the resurgent restaurant's new range of curry tapas, with each sample dish matched to a different ale from the Black Isle Brewing Company. Understandably, the promise of spicy morsels and organic brews appealed to our burly heroes. So how did the Tramps get on? Read on to relive the evening, in their own words.

(Click here to tap that tapas ...)