What's The Best Curry Under The Sun? Our Eighth KCACO Podcast Has Some Answers ...

It it feels like a while since you've been shouted at by Tramps, that's because it probably is. But fret no more, as the latest episode of Keep Calm And Curry On is done and dusted.

It's a particularly packed 40-minute show, with an in-depth look at the nominations in the Scottish Curry Awards 2012, plus a very special installment of The Burning Question, inspired by the amazing heatwave that almost brought Scotland to a grinding halt recently. In such uncommon weather, what's the best curry dish to have? The Tramps got in touch with some of their favourite restaurants to seek some curry counsel. Plus there's a track from Charanjit Singh, a man way ahead of his time when it came to electronic music.

It's all there, stuffed into the Mixcloud player below ...

The podcast we occasionally call KCACO isn't yet available on iTunes, so if the embedded player above isn't doing it for you, you have a couple of other options:



And here are some useful links to what's covered in Episode 8:
– details of Ignite's charity Beer And Curry night on Monday June 18

– the web home of Chaat! magazine, via British Curry Club

– Mr Singh's India blog has the full shortlist for the Scottish Curry Awards 2012

– here's Hector's Curry-Heute blog, Alzheimer's Scotland and GCC's renewed Curry Capital bid

Jalebi And Gelato is on Facebook; don't look at the pics if hungry.

– thanks again to Ignite, Assam's, Cafe India, Mr Singh's India and Mother India for taking part in our straw (boater) poll about sunny curry

– here's where to find them on Twitter: @IgniteEdinburgh, @Assam_s, @CafeIndia1987, @MISTERSINGHS and @MotherIndiaGla

– 10 Ragas To A Disco beat is available on Amazon in a variety of formats ...

– and here's the full track Rava Bhairav as selected by The Tramp:

That's it! (And remember, if you want to get in touch, you can email the Tramps here.)

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Bobo Balti said...

Great podcast. Lisetened over lunch. Was actually going to email you about Akbar's this morning - but now I see it was "a trap".

Trampy said...

Cheers Bobo. Seems likely we'll end up at Akbar's someday ... especially if it bags an award or two.