TATTGOC's Founders Get A Grilling From hungryhouse.co.uk


As any TATTGOC fan will know, Trampy and The Tramp are no strangers to the dark arts of self-promotion – why else would their names feature so prominently in the blog title, ahead of both “Glasgow” and “curry”? But even our burly champions were a little surprised when hungryhouse.co.uk, main sponsors of the Scottish Curry Awards, approached them to take part in a Q-and-A interview for their excellent blog, that could also be a weekly post on TATTGOC itself. Self-indulgent? Sure. Unprecendented? Of course. Entertaining? Hopefully. So here's what happened when Annika from Hungry House got Trampy and The Tramp talking about their favourite topic: themselves. (And, of course, Indian food.)

First off, for those who don't already know, who are the main TATTGOC contributors?

TRAMPY: Well, The Tramp and I pride ourselves on hand-crafting pretty much everything on the blog, but over the past few years we’ve been lucky enough to receive contributions from a range of foreign curryspondents who’ve tirelessly filed curry reports for us from around the world.

THE TRAMP: That’s right, but I’d also like to think that everyone in our Curry Club who comes out on our monthly excursions contributes to the experience, even if it’s just through their general banter. 

Hey, It's Episode Nine Of The Keep Calm And Curry On Podcast!


Now it might seem like TATTGOC's flagship podcast Keep Calm And Curry On is a remarkably professional affair but with the latest episode, our burly heroes have gifted loyal listeners with a peek behind the curtain, as they stumble through a particularly badly-written intro sequence. Usually, our audio boffins would weech out such a fankle but it caused such hilarity – including a reference to a non-existent news item about Peter Piper's Pickled Peppers being delivered by both red and yellow lorries – that it was judged entertaining enough to keep in the final edit. (There's also another blooper at the very end of the podcast where Trampy loses his way quite spectacularly for a supposed broadcast professional.)

Flubbing aside, there is no shortage of chat or topics in this super-stuffed episode of KCACO. In the sprawling news section, the Tramps belatedly mull over the key results of the Scottish Curry Awards 2012, look ahead to Glasgow's bid for Curry Capital 2012, round up some Mother India and Cafe India-related news, plus make an EXCLUSIVE announcement about TATTGOC's ambitious plans for August. In the review, Trampy talks about two different curry experiences across one London weekend, while the Burning Question sees our pilau polymaths trying to come up with the perfect recipe for their own Curry Capital-style competition, which apparently involves staging it on the telly. Plus there's a mindbending track (or at least, an excerpt) by Cosmic Eye from 1972.

It's all there, jammed into the Mixcloud player below:



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We want YOU ... To Help Make Glasgow Curry Capital 2012

Even if you don't think about curry almost every single minute of every single day of every single year, you've still gotta admit it was pretty cool when Glasgow was crowned Curry Capital of Britain 2010. It was an occasion TATTGOC memorably marked by declaring our home city's "poppadomination". And while last year saw Glasgow slip into second place – leapfrogged by Bradford, with the help of a record-breaking 102.2kg onion bhaji – there is nothing more reliable than the unending march of time, and so the race for Curry Capital 2012 is well and truly begun! (Actually, it started three months ago, but now things are really hotting up.) And with Glasgow City Council recently crowned winners of the coveted Curry Lover(s) Of The Year title in the Scottish Curry Awards, it already feels like some spicy momentum is already building. To keep abreast of what Glasgow's up to, keep an eye on the council's Curry Capital webpage.

So ... what's the sketch this year?

REVIEW: Zinedine Shezan

Shezan, Cathcart Road

The Time: June 28, 8.30pm

The Pub Aforehand: Clockwork Beer Co., Cathcart Road

In Attendance: Trampy, The Tramp, Bobo Balti, Rogan Josh Homme, Ravi Peshwari and Rumpole Of The Balti.

Decor: Heavily mosaic-ed on the outside, a little more modern on the inside. Characterful, to say the least.

Expectations: Having passed it many a time on the way to Hampden, Shezan looked a fairly unassuming place, presumably catering to non-discerning fitba fans. In other words, expectations were not high. 

The Experience:

It might seem like some sort of fever dream, but just one week ago, our fair nation was utterly in thrall to the siren chant of Euro 2012. Football, football, football ... everything was football. And since the Tramps are so alive to the faintest ripple in the zeitgeist, football must have been at the forefront of their minds when planning June’s official TATTGOC outing. This evidenced itself in two ways. Firstly, they selected a curryhouse a mere pakora’s throw from Scotland’s national stadium (soon to the venue for some highly-anticipated Olympics 2012 action): Hampden! And secondly, they scheduled it to clash directly with the second semi-final, something which, in hindsight, may not have been the tipper-toppermost of ideas.

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