TATTGOC Proudly Presents: A Month Of Capital Curry!

Sometimes, you wake up and it seems the world has been made anew. It can feel strange, unfamiliar ... but a little exciting. That's the situation we find ourselves in at TATTGOC HQ this week, where not only has the entire blog undergone a spruced-up redesign in mustard yellow and electric pink, but we're also updating on a Wednesday, after years of firing spicy salvos across the internet on a Thursday. What the blazes is going on?

The answer is simple. In August, the eyes of the world swivel towards Edinburgh, home of the biggest arts festival in the world. And after four years of covering Glasgow curry culture – week in, week out, shish it all about – the Tramps thought it was about time they investigated what was happening at the other end of the M8.

Glasgow institutions like Mother India and Kama Sutra have opened successful capital outposts in the capital, and there's also been a steady stream of interesting curry news wafting over from the city, from the thriving supperclub and pop-up dining scene to a chilli-eating contest that hospitalised contestants. That sounds like our kind of place.

So for one month only, TATTGOC is going wagons east ... and here's what you can expect in this very special event, starting tomorrow:

August 2: From Our Foreign Curryspondent ... Dateline: Edinburgh!

August 9: Edinburgh Foodies Recommend Their Favorite Curryhouse – Part The First

August 16: The Official Report From TATTGOC's Edinburgh Curry Outing

August 23: Edinburgh Foodies Recommend Their Favorite Curryhouse – Part The Second

August 30: Probably Something About Glasgow, If We're Honest (Or The Podcast)

So as well as TATTGOC's own writings about their curry experiences in Edinburgh, we'll have contributions from people who know the city's curry scene, from bloggers like MyMonkfish and restaurant critics like Scotland On Sunday's Richard Bath to well-kent faces like Vic Galloway and Stephen Jardine. We'd also like our regular blog visitors to get involved, so if you have a special Edinburgh recommendation you'd like to make, drop us a line HERE and tell us about your capital curry experience.

We have been to Edinburgh on official TATTGOC business once before – when we visited the Caledonian Brewery and enjoyed a curry on the premises. But this next month feels like uncharted territory, so we hope you can join us on the ride.

(And be forever grateful we didn't call it Trampy And The Tramp's Capital Of Curry ...)

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