Only One Day To Go For Curry Capital Voting So You Bet The Tramps Have Pulled Out All The Stops, Which In This Case Means "POP"


Online and email voting in the Curry Capital 2012 competition finishes TOMORROW – Friday September 21st – so if there was ever a good time to vote "Glasgow" (or even "Edinburgh"), you should send an email to clearly indicating that one of these fine cities deserves the title. Of course, that closing date isn't the be all and end all of the competition – all the major players have a team of four restaurants to represent them in the run-up to the final announcement on October 29.

For the record, TATTGOC has no official ties to the Glasgow campaign, but that means that – like hounded Batman at the end of The Dark Knight – the Tramps can do things that no-one else is prepared to do, with the additional cloak of plausible deniability. Last year, plucky Wolverhampton garnered a lot of attention (or at least 300 or so views) with their excellent reversioning of a Katy Perry hit, panel-beating it into a catchy pro-Wolverhampton anthem. We can all agree that singer Amy Goodall is excellent, while the DJ/rapper is ... slightly less excellent:

This was discussed at length on the most recent episode of Keep Calm And Curry On, during which the Tramps had an epiphany: surely in 2012 some other city would try and replicate the buzzy success of Wolverhampton by refitting an earworm in some sort of curry livery? So the Tramps took it upon themselves to bagsy perhaps the most popular song of the year: Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jespen. This one-minute snatch is just a taster of what the Tramps can do, but will hopefully be enough to deter other cities from covering this unbelievably catchy track. (Unfortunately, Gangnam Style is still up for grabs, so prepare yourselves, sexy ladies.)

For now, Glasgow, Baby is a mere one-minute taster of what TATTGOC are capable of producing, but if anyone was interested in turning the song into a full-blown promo, the Tramps would dearly like to hire an open-top bus, cruise round George Square and put together a slavish shot-by-shot remake of the classic Glasgow Diamonds video. But let's not get ahead of ourselves – just remember and vote! (And if you want this future pop classic for your iPod, you can download Glasgow, Baby HERE)

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The Bulldosa said...

Good thing you thought of using auto-tuning software, otherwise that could've gone horribly wrong...