Put Down That Yorkie And Prepare Thyself For National Curry Week

The Scarborough News got into the swing of National Curry Week with this excellent feature

Even if you are already absolutely obsessed with curry like a certain pair of burly currynauts not a million miles away from this post, the news that National Curry Week will take place next, uh, week – October 8-14, to be exact – will hopefully be pretty exciting. Since there are only so many weeks in the year, it also happens to be Chocolate Week, but there's nothing that says you can't combine the two passions. In fact, the fine Nakodar in Glasgow East End has been performing all kinds of spicy alchemy with chocolate for years. As well as being a great excuse to go to your favourite restaurant, National Curry Week is also about raising money for good causes.

Previous hi-jinx
"This will be the 15th year of National Curry Week," says founder and organiser Peter Grove, "and the 10th year of Curry Capital of Britain. Over the years we have managed to have great fun whilst raising money for the needy. I hope the curry-loving public will again break all records by celebrating the week in a restaurant, at work, at home, in the pub or even at the sportsclub and we look forward to hearing their stories."

Curry Capital 2012 sponsors Hungry House are doing their bit by teaming up with Action Against Hunger. For every Indian takeaway ordered through their site during National Curry Week, 10p will go toward the Love Good Give Food campaign, which is aiming to provide sustainable solutions to hunger in Liberia, Niger and Burkina Faso. For more details about the initiative, head here.

So it's all for a good cause, but there seems to be a real emphasis on fun, whether it's attempting to break the world poppadom-stacking record, writing poems about curry or taking part in a spicy pub quiz. So if you fancy getting involved, or finding out what's going on near you, head on over to the National Curry Week website to see what's what. Not surprisingly, each of the four restaurants representing both Glasgow and Edinburgh are down on the list of participating curryhouses, so if you were waiting for an excuse to check them out, next week would be a good time.

If you were considering celebrating National Curry Week at home for at least one night, it's also probably a good time to get on board with Cracking Curries, the new web cooking series from broadcaster Aasmah Mir. It launched a couple of weeks ago with a simple, easy-to-follow recipe for Tarka Daal that we would embed below if that was possible, but this screengrab gives you a flavour.

Episode two has already gone live, with ep 3 on the way in the next few days so it looks like one to watch. And the fish curry recipe on the Cracking Curries website looks especially tasty.

So, how will the Tramps celebrate National Curry Week? A special TATTGOC outing? A home-made curry spectacular? A date with the Kismot Killer? Probably a mixture of all of these things. Enjoy!

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