Happy 4th Birthday To Us! (Now With Added Births)


The Official Charts Company recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of the UK hit parade, even though the first few rundowns were literally just a guy from the New Musical Express ringing round a few record shops (at least according to this blog post). Similarly, the origins of Trampy and The Tramp's Glasgow of Curry, despite being inaugurated only four short years ago, are shrouded in mystery. What we do know is this: according to the official report from the first ever outing – to the Indian Orchard in Partick – it took place on November 20th 2008. So we've elected to recognise TATTGOC's 4th anniversary this very week (which is fitting because it also [sort of] coincides with the one-year anniversary of the world's greatest and spiciest podcast, Keep Calm And Curry On).

Four years! Look how young we all looked!

OK. So we didn't look that young. But still.

Birthday posts are usually an excuse to throw stats at people. For instance, we could point out that this is the 246th TATTGOC post. And that over the past four years we've officially visited 43 curryhouses (and one brewery) and received over a BILLION pageviews. (One of these might not be entirely true – it might just have been 42 curryhouses.) We've won awards (one award) and been featured on television and radio and in newspapers, websites and magazines around the world.

But the thing we'd like to focus on is family. The TATTGOC brotherhood has always included an equivalent sisterhood, and over the past four years that extended family has grown even further, with the addition of six Curry Cubs (and while no-one is necessarily keeping score, it's worth noting that Sir Spicy Lover has gone the extra mile by having two). Very recently, The Tramp and Mumbai Me A Pony welcomed the latest Curry Cub to the family, and while it will necessarily be a little while before she can pass judgement on the hasina lamb chops at the Shish Mahal, we're sure she's raring to get started. She even has a "Curry Fury" onesie, just like her dad.

So to all the Curry Cubs, and the TATTGOC family, a heartfelt salute. Here's to the next billion pageviews ...

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Bobo Balti said...

A warm welcome to the newest curry cub Esme, from the Baltis. Congratulations again to the Tramp and Mumbai Me a Pony.