Currypedia No. 1: The Poppadom

Since I literally can't wait until the next official Curry Club outing (and since this blog would be terminally dull without regular updates) I thought that a little bit of curry education might tide us over until the next meeting.

We all love curry, that is not in dispute. But how much do we actually know about the world of curry? Probably not that much. With that in mind let's start at the beginning and read up on:

The Humble Poppadom

The legendary Glasgow curry institution that is The Shish Mahal (now on Park Road, previously Gibson Street) first published it's own cook book in 1982 and has this to say of the (their spelling) Papadam:

"These are spiced lentil wafers which are obtainable from most supermarkets in packets. They come in the form of dry, flat discs.

To prepare them, drop them one at a time into hot oil for a few seconds only, turning once. they will puff up very quickly and turn golden brown. Drain them by standing them up edgewise on absorbent paper."

In the coming weeks I'll start expanding this (obviously cheap and hastily cobbled together) update to include recipes and maybe pictures.

Curry clubbers - got any better ideas for filling the space between meetings? Then don't be as shy as you have been to date, let your voice be heard in the comments section.


picholas76 said...

How about some funny curry related stories. Hottest curries, drunken curries, the day after?

The Tramp said...

Sounds like a good plan - anyone that would like to contribute a tale recounting their curry exploits get in touch with either Trampy or myself and we can take it from there. I have quite a funny childhood curry story (well, funny now, nightmarish then) but what about everyone else?

Mick75 said...

How's this to get you started.....
A few years ago a new job took me to the currytastic city of Birmingham. Not knowing anyone who lived there I was rather pleased when a couple of the lads I was working with asked me to come out on the Friday night for a few beers and a curry. Maybe it was the nerves about meeting some new friends or because of the stressful week I’d just had in my new job (nothing to do with the beer of course) but for some reason I’d decided to take a little nap halfway through our main course. One of the guys woke me up and I apparently finished off my meal, handed my wallet to the guy sitting next to me and then resting my head back down among the leftover rice and sauce went for a further forty winks.
I spent the next week apologising to my new found friends and reassuring them that this wasn't typical of my mealtime behaviour only to do the exact same the following Friday.
Anyone else taken a kip in a curry?