The Tramp's Jukebox Puri: Commander

In what will hopefully become a regular feature here at TATTGOC I will be occasionally delving into the world of wigged out Indian music. And what better place to start than with the track Dance Music from the 1981 Bollywood movie Commander?

I was first introduced to this track by legendary Glasgow primary school teacher and vinyl enthusiast Mr Bell and his record-collecting brother-in-arms Mr Fleming (who you can glimpse in the Missing In Action slideshow) at a late night record-playing session on the South Side. On first hearing the record many questions quickly present themselves. What the hell is actually happening in the scene this plays over? What the hell is going on with the chorus of men? Did no-one notice that they can't sing? Did anyone care? Was everyone on psychedelics at the time? What's up with the duck noise? And the demented laughing?

Soon all these questions are forgotten with the realisation that the track is actually a work of cosmic electro-disco genius, described by one eBay seller as "like something Daft Punk and The Neptunes would have made if they lived in Bombay in the 1970s." The soundtrack for the film was written by brotherly composer duo Kalyanji Anandji but further investigation yields few answers about the film. One thing that we can be certain about is that the actual scene that Dance Music plays over will be nowhere near as racy as it sounds due to India's notoriously strict censorship laws.

The soundtrack commands a hefty price tag when it pops up on eBay, regularly pushing past the $100 mark, but click below to grab your very own MP3 of Dance Music in all its (less compressed) glory.

Dance Music MP3

A look at the crazy music tastes of The Tramp there ... but what do you think of the track Dance Music? And what about this new feature? As usual let the comments flow in the aptly-named comments section...


Duke Mitchell said...

Awesome tune! Thanks for posting it Tramp. But I expected nothing less than genius from a movie about your dear old dad.