Curry Club Close-Up: Some Pilau Talk With Rogan Josh Homme

Everyone in the Glasgow of Curry brotherhood loves curry – but wouldn't it be intriguing to discover more about the men behind the menu choices? In this occasional Q&A series, we'll be journeying into the curry-obsessed mindpans of prominent members, continuing with a Curry Clubber who truly loves movies. Happy the man who is paid for his hobby ...

Name: Rogan Josh Homme

So who is the real Josh Homme? He’s the kick-ass, ginger-headed singer/guitarist with Queens of the Stone Age, the occasional singer and drummer with side project The Eagles of Death Metal, the former guitarist with Screaming Trees (albeit briefly), and general all-round rock god.

Was Seth Rogen Josh ever considered? Had I thought of it, it would have been. But hey, with Curry Club, surely it’s better to project who you’d like to be. Becoming an ultra cool rock star is sadly never going to be a reality. A schlubby, bearded and increasingly annoying loser is, I feel, well within my grasp.

Favourite Glasgow curry house: The Dakhin in Candleriggs – I’m a sucker for their dosas.

Second favourite Glasgow curry house: Hoping to find one via Curry Club.

Favourite Glasgow curry takeaway: The samosas from the Shandar Sweet and Pan House on Albert Drive are pretty good. For a full meal, Shimla Pinks on Pollokshaws Road ain’t bad – and since they deliver, going takeaway means you can avoid the restaurant’s weird 80s yuppie décor.

All-time favourite curry dish: Thanks to the influence of vegetarians in my life I’ve come round to the idea of Saag Paneer. There’s just something great about being able to have a cheese curry.

All-time curry idol: The excellent, old school Australian actor Rod Taylor for his role in the outlandish 1968 action flick Dark of the Sun (it’s based on a Wilbur Smith novel!), aka The Mercenaries. His name? Captain Bruce Curry. His game? Congo Special Forces, hired to lead a bunch of guys on a mission to covertly liberate $50 million in blood diamonds amid the fury of the Congo. Check out the trailer:

Captain Curry is a real man’s man, who understands the colonial value of a case of scotch and knows how to wear a beret and sweaty khakis with distinction. He also knows how to disarm a chainsaw-wielding Nazi using only his fists – a skill I think all members of Curry Club would like to possess. All hail Captain Curry!

Rice or naan? Naan. As long as it’s not chili naan. I still shudder at the memory of that experience at The Village.

Favourite curry lager: Cobra. It’s crisp, versatile and tastes good with almost everything, but when it’s combined with curry it’s like Pacino and DeNiro in Heat. Kingfisher is like Pacino and DeNiro in Righteous Kill.

What's the most exotic place you've had a curry? It’s not exotic, but I once had a curry in Seattle. Given the amount it rains there, it felt like eating out in Glasgow.

Can you actually make a decent curry yourself at home? No, at the risk of being barred from Curry Club, I’m much better at Mexican or Italian food.

If so, can we all come round for our tea? Eh, no – unless you want to eat vegetarian chili or baked ziti.

If you could enjoy a curry dinner-for-two with anyone, either alive or dead, who would it be? Gandhi. While he was fasting. More peshwari naan for me.

Do you have a favourite curry-related movie? Aside from Dark of the Sun? Sadly not. Movies featuring actual curry are generally awful, especially if they’re set in Glasgow (see – or rather don’t see – Nina’s Heavenly Delights). I always thought Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was a missed opportunity, curry-wise. Chilled monkey brains were all well and good, but would it have killed them to have curried monkey brains on the menu too?

What about a favourite curry-related movie pun? Repo Naan is a movie I’d love to see.

What creature or object would you say best symbolises your personality? A hare.

Rogan Josh Homme, there, as ever, cocked, locked and ready to rock. Do you agree with his choices? Are you looking forward to seeing Rod Taylor star as Winston Churchill in Inglourious Basterds? Spill it below, ya freaks.


The Tramp said...

One of our club members was partly responsible for Nina's Heavenly Delights. Bawsaag, I'm looking at you...

Ewan said...

I made cups of lemon and ginger tea on an hourly basis for the director. That's where my involvement ends...