Phall Your Boots At The Curry News Buffet

There are weeks where there is simply SO MUCH happening in the giddy world of Trampy And The Tramp's Glasgow Of Curry, we literally don't know where to begin. This, sadly, isn't one of those weeks.

Next Thursday, we'll be carrying a brand new Foreign Curryspondent report from a Bath curryhouse that's been patronised by everyone from Johnny Depp to Les Dennis. And after that we'll have to get properly down to the business of celebrating the first glorious year of TATTGOC. But until then, why not pick at our buffet of self-aggrandising curry news nuggets? And if you have any to add, drop us a line at ...

Can't Get There From Here
Since its launch a mere five weeks ago, the official TATTGOC Google Map has racked up an astonishing 1300+ hits. Post your unwarranted five-star review and alienatingly in-jokey comment here. We've also added a neat widget in the sidebar called IP2Map, which shows you where the last 100 blog visitors hail from. So a big "hola" to whoever popped by from Chile the other day.

Eck Marks The Spat
It's not that we begrudge Alex Salmond his Irn-Bru Scottish Curry Awards Curry Lover Of The Year 2009 title. But we're not above entering into a little bit of character assassination, the better to clear the path to a Trampy and The Tramp nomination (and perhaps even victory) in 2010. Enjoy some light ribbing of Wee Eck here.

A Proper Ruby Tuesday
Did you know that National Curry Week is later this month, running from November 22-28? Oddly, there are participating restaurants in Aberdeen and Edinburgh but none in Glasgow. That hasn't prevented Irn-Bru Scottish Curry Awards Curry Lover Of The Year 2009 Alex Salmond from posting a self-important message of support on the website. CURSE YOU, WEE ECK! For full details of a World Record Poppadom Tower attempt and a call for entries to a bewildering curry poem competition, click here.

Y'know, For Kids
TATTGOC missionary Sir Spicy Lover is patiently shaping the development of our future leaders, and has twigged that the best way to remould young minds is to destroy them first with videogames. Check out his inspirational video here.

A Picture Of Batman In A Kilt!
I think we can all appreciate the relevance of that right now.


Lord of the Dansak said...

The curry week page appears to have moved slightly, to: here.

Trampy said...

Much obliged, my lord. Looks like they've updated the whole website since TATTGOC first visited it ... still a bit low-rent tho.

Peter Grove said...


Great site and thanks for the support. Our site is being upgraded and sorry it seems low rent but the more we spend up front the less goes to charity.
Peter Grove - founder National Curry Week

Trampy said...

Peter - thanks for stopping by. I should apologise for describing the National Curry Week website as "low-rent"... believe me, it's just jealousy that you managed to get Cobra as a sponsor when TATTGOC has been trying to attract their hypnotising gaze for almost a year now.

All the very best for the event, and I hope some Glasgow curry houses get involved in 2010.