"Old Age Cures Us Of Our Youth"

Living ascetically on the opposite side of the world, TATTGOC's puckish Japan correspondent and tyro ninja scholar Makhni Knife has been unable to experience any official Curry Club meet-ups in person (with one notable exception).

Perhaps due to his diligent study of Eastern philosophy and mysticism, Makhni does often seem to be there in pungent spirit: how else to explain TATTGOC's signature mix of rigorously observed ceremony and feral enthusiasm?

Today is Makhni Knife's birthday, and while we'll surely raise a faux-mocking glass to his steadily advancing years during Curry Club's pathbreaking visit to Scotland's capital tomorrow evening, in the meantime Trampy and The Tramp wish to formally extend their most honourable congratulations, in what has become something of an annual tradition. We hope other members of the TATTGOC brotherhood will add their voices to the chorus of congratulations in the comments below. Keep it clean, though, eh lads?



The Tramp said...

Yes - Happy Birthday Tattie... Curry Club salutes you today. So old, so very very old... and some would say past it.

Tikka MaBaws said...

Happy birthday old potato. So old... Your fluffy Maris Piper days are long gone. More like a wee globular crisp these days.

phelan said...

Uh, thank you curry clubbers for your cruel congratulations, I would not have it any other way. Best wishes from ninja country, Makhni Knife.