Curry Lovers, Not Fighters

Hey now, what's this? The merry month of May is looming, and that means the return of the Scottish Curry Awards (now in its third fabulous year). And that means there's only another month or so of voting before the nominees are announced – ahead of the glitzy bash proper on Monday May 10.

Last year, a TATTGOC delegation was invited along to witness the spicy celebration, and what an evening it was: good food, lots of beer and a towering appearance from the then-newly-crowned Miss Scotland herself, Katharine Brown. The awards also raised a great deal of money for its chosen charity, the Scottish Spina Bifida Association, and that can only be a good thing. This year, TATTGOC would like to get even more actively involved in the whole shindig – and what better way to go about it than nominating some Glasgow curry emporiums in the appropriate categories? Hmmm. So if we wanted to suggest someone, how would we go about it?

1) First, we'd go here to download an official nomination form.

2) Then we'd scan the categories to see who we wanted to big up. For example, for Restaurant Of The Year, we might nominate "Anarkali". (If we were less modest, we might also consider "Trampy And The Tramp" for Curry Lover(s) Of The Year.)

3) After making our selection, we'd ponder the "Explain Why?" section of the form, and write in something like "because when we turned up at the Anarkali with a case of beer, they immediately put it in the fridge - and the food was fantastic too". (Or, if we were nominating Trampy and The Tramp as Curry Lover(s) Of The Year, maybe something like "they deserve a degree of recognition for their indefatigable exploration, evaluation and celebration of Glasgow's curry houses, large and small. Also: puns.")

4) Then we'd email the completed form to Or maybe even print it out and post it, since Trampy routinely walks around with some first class stamps in his wallet like he's a granny or something.

5) Bearing in mind that nominations close April 19, we'd probably want to make sure we got our forms in afore then.

And that's that. So ... any suggestions on who you would like to nominate?