Pride Comes Before A Phaal

Aloha Curry Clubbers. This week's post was due to be either the next installment of my Jukebox Puri or Currypedia. It was a tough call ... there's never a shortage of tasty treats to cover in Currypedia and I've recently discovered MC Vikram and Ludakrishna as possible Jukebox Puri candidates. But in the end household chores got the better of me. As a result, this week sees TATTGOC revert to a classic placeholder move: a spicy video for you all to watch.

The sharper of our readers will recall that Martin Jalfrezi and his merry band of currynauts recently sent a foreign curryspondence from The Brick Lane Curry House in Noo York City. A mighty tale it was too, and one which can be enjoyed again and again here.

Although none of the currynauts chose to brave it, the restaurant is famous for its "Phaal Challenge" – and those successful warriors that manage to consume the super-fiery dish get a free pint of Kingfisher and a place on the restaurant's wall of fame. The challenge was featured in the US show Man Vs Food (which has recently turned up on UK cable, amusingly reviewed by Charlie Brooker) and we now present the clip in all its glory, where professional guzzler Adam Richmond takes on the Phaal Challenge ...

Why should you watch this clip? The chef has to wear a GAS MASK while cooking this curry – it's that spicy.

Bon appetit ...