And The Award Goes To ...

As you may have heard, Trampy and The Tramp (and, by extension, the entire TATTGOC brotherhood) were crowned Curry Lovers Of The Year 2010 at the Scottish Curry Awards in Glasgow last night. We'll bring you a traditional TATTGOC-style report of the emotional evening in due course, but rest assured the Tramps were honoured and elated to take the title, and have managed to not break the hefty crystal trophy plate (so far).

As part of the nomination process, they were asked to submit a one-minute video that explained what the blog was about. After a brainstorm with Bulldosa, this is what they came up with (watch out - the volume's turned up to 11):



Kotdb said...

I love it when a naan comes together too. Well done lads.

I'm proud of you.


jon Robertson said...

That's excellent. We'll have to get together to sort out the 5 hour long-form documentary.

The Shy Retirer said...

Virty, your punning skills really do beg belief,


lee woo said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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