Could Glasgow Be Curry Capital Of Britain ... Again?

A wise Curry Clubber once said: "If you can't be with the naan you love, love the naan you're with." So even though TATTGOC is a notably dedicated – possibly the pre-eminent – cheerleader for Glasgow's spicy culinary scene, the brotherhood are boosters in the best sense of the word, supporting all forms of curry in all locales, be they foreign or domestic.

(Hell, we've even travelled en masse to Edinburgh for a TATTGOC outing! Although those were admittedly very special circumstances.)

So when it comes to the oddly recurring debate about exactly which town has the best curry, Trampy and The Tramp will generally speak up for Glasgow but avoid trash-talking other places out of hand. But will we be able to maintain that imperturbable mask of bearded diplomacy when confronted by Curry Capital Of Britain 2010, the recently defibrillated search for the UK's spiciest city? Or will there be cheap jibes, muck-spreading and name-calling directed at possible rivals like Edinburgh, Birmingham and Bradford? Hmmm ...

First things first: to help decide which restaurants go forward to represent Glasgow in this competition, the council are encouraging people to nominate their favourite curryhouse. You can read all about it at:

The closing date for this initial selection stage is October 4, and you can click here to go straight to the online form (remember, it's "Shish" not "Sheesh"). From these nominations, four restaurants will go forward to represent Glasgow. Terrific curry, obviously, is important but cities are also judged on ethnic community support and success. The overall winner will be announced on December 8. So, realistically, what are Glasgow's chances?

Pretty good, if past form is anything to go by. Although the Curry Capital has been on hiatus since 2007, Glasgow has taken the title three times since the competition began in 2001. Other previous winners include London West, Birmingham and Bradford, while the current holder is Leicester, who took the 2007 crown. (I know, I know ... Leicester? But check out their credentials and you'll see they made a compelling case.)

So which Glasgow restaurants previously stepped up to represent the city? Let's check the historical teamsheets ...

2002: Winners!
Glasgow represented by Ashoka Flame, Ashoka At The Mill (no relation), the late Creme De La Creme and the mighty Shish Mahal.

2003: Winners!
Glasgow represented by Ashoka Flame, Creme De La Creme, Shish Mahal and Mr Singh's.

2006: Winners!
Glasgow represented by Ashoka Flame, The Dhabba, Panjea and Shish Mahal.

2007: Joint Runners-Up (with Bradford and Manchester)
Glasgow represented by India Quay, Ashoka Flame, Panjea, Mother India and Ashoka Ashton Lane.

So who would be a useful addition to a 2010 squad? As well as recurring names from bids past, it would be nice to see one of the many fine curryhouses in Tradeston represent, while Charan Gill's vibrant Slumdog is a textbook example of a 21st century curryhouse (stylish and modern in approach yet mindful and celebratory of heritage). For sheer "wow!" factor, the Merchant City's Urban Pind is impressively big and brassy, while the "healthy Indian cuisine" strapline of Scottish Curry Awards 2010 Restaurant Of The Year Bukharah might chime with the judges. But never mind what we think – click here to choose for yourself.

Now, what restaurants might best reflect the wide-ranging yet subtle nuances of curry in Edinburgh? Hmmm ...


(Main image: a detail taken from Ifan Bates's awesome Trampy and The Tramp illustration from the recent Sunday Herald feature)


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