The Monday Side Dish: April 11

Can a curry blog – even a highly-respected, award-winning curry blog – truly stay on top of the world's spicy news when it only updates once a week? Probably not, which is why Trampy and The Tramp's Glasgow of Curry occasionally orders up The Monday Side Dish: a platter of grilled titbits to tide you over until Thursday. Pass the raita ...

Somewhere in TATTGOC's original Mission Statement there's a directive that states the brotherhood is dedicated to truffling out the hidden gems of the Glasgow curry scene – that, of course, means no visits to the Shish Mahal, no Mother India, no Balbir's and definitely no Harlequin outlets. Those places have already earned their reputations and require no affirmation from the Tramps. That said, we are happy to bend the rules on occasion – notably for a fantastic first birthday visit to the venerable Koh-i-Noor. And due to a remarkable confluence of events, it recently came to pass that Trampy, The Tramp and saffrongette Mumbai Me A Pony found themselves rocking up at the Green Chilli Cafe on a Wednesday night. It's just the latest tapas venture on the old Spice Of Life site from the Harlequin group ... but never mind that: here's a picture of Harlequin MD Sanjay Majhu getting threatened with a frying pan by his ma.

That picture is properly apropos because the Green Chilli Cafe was established by Majhu to reflect the home-cooking style of his mother, with an emphasis on tapas-style dishes. The Tramps had been attracted like moths to a flame because on a Tuesday and Wednesday, the Green Chilli Cafe does a £1 Madness menu where many dishes are just a quid. Like the creepy guy from RoboCop said: I'll buy that for a dollar. Here's a glimpse at the revamped interior:

Obviously not every dish is featured as part of £1 Madness. But the Tramps and Mumbai Me A Pony were able to order up an extensive feast: tasty masala dosa, veg pakora that came pleasingly presented in a mini fryer basket, decent chicken korma and awesome lamb bhoona, all from the £1 menu. This was further augmented by butter chicken and keema matter, rice and ptoora breads from the standard selection, plus creamy pints of Lal Toofan and poppadoms with spiced onions and tamarind chutney. In truth, they ate like kings, and the bill was a shade over a tenner each. The quality of food, presentation and service was also so high that the Tramps would absolutely recommend the Green Chilli Cafe even outwith the midweek bacchanalia of £1 Madness. But let's also take a moment to honour the memory of the old Spice Of Life, the facade and interior of which were both featured prominently in the Channel 4 comedy Meet The Magoons back in the day ...

In their ongoing bid to "go legit" and only 10 or so months after receiving the affirmation of being crowned Curry Lovers of the Year, the Tramps have gone ahead and put together some business cards to help spread their spicy gospel. (BTW, nominations for the Scottish Curry Awards 2011 close this Friday and the Love Curry trailer is scheduled to be in Glasgow this Wednesday.)

So if you find one of these kicking about, it's not a promotional stunt for the umpteenth Jamiroquai album (despite that curly font) ... it's an invitation to join the spiciest party on the internet! Just remember, when reading the card you're supposed to be hearing Glenn Frey's classic sax-boosted 1980s anthem. It's on the street!

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