TATTGOC 2011: The Director's Cut ...

Everyone likes to think that the greatest art springs fully formed from the mouthpiece of the muse, yadda blaydda yadda. Instead, in most practical cases, iteration is king ... as in this instance, where it took one or two passes for the Tramps to lock down how best to sum up TATTGOC 2011 In 60 Seconds. At first, everyone's favourite spicy chieftains skewed toward the studiously industrious beats of Trent Reznor and his cleaned-up Social Network soundtrack: the result 'twas forthright, catchy, undeniable.

But this first rough-cut version was ultimately considered just a little bit too pulsating for the Scottish Curry Awards 2011, and so things were mixed and muddied up with the help of Waylon Jennings ... the better to create something a bit more laidback, in keeping with the Tramps' increasingly Lebowski-esque worldview.

Thanks to the power of the internet, though, the Tramps can reveal the original demo version of their 2011 showreel ... but be warned, it's insistent! Very insistent! (And just as good, with an added sausage pic!)


Kotdb said...

Very insistent indeed.

Good work.