TATTGOC Salutes: Glasgow Mega Burrito!

If there's one thing there's no shortage of here in internetland, it's foodie blogs. You can't throw a copy of the Observer Food Monthly away in disgust without hitting a dozen of them. It's all cupcakes this and pop-up restaurant that, Hugh says, Jamie says, Ottolenghi-ding-dong. Bobbing among this digital ocean of tweeness and balsamic fundamentalism, the Tramps have always imagined TATTGOC as a Bill Hicks-esque outlaw, what with all the impenetrable in-jokes, notably unstyled photography and machine-gun puns. We're a RENEGADE foodie blog, despite the various awards and corporate support. A little bawdy. A touch sexy. EDGY, even. Out there on the EDGE ...

Then we discovered this fella:

Burrito Overlord says "Beanz, aye!"
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In just a few short months, Burrito Overlord Joe Quimby has turned Glasgow Mega Burrito into one of the most consistently entertaining blogs in Scotland, creating a fabled nexus where spicy Mexican food, the ever-fizzin' Glasgow music scene and a complete mastery of sexual slang smash together into a giddy explosion of hot sauce-powered joy. The banter is hilarious.

A note of warning: Glasgow Mega Burrito is not for everyone. If you don't like the idea of following a recipe where every single instruction in the method is cheerfully compared to a transgressive carnal act, this might not be the destination for you. But any dude who manages to reference Bill and Ted, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Red Heat and wrestling, wrestling, wrestling in their food writing is alright in our book. A good litmus test is this: do you find the phrase "GEEEZ A GAM!" inherently funny? Then you're on the right wavelength. (Another good benchmark from the main man: "If you're into Old El Paso get the fuck off my blog!")

"Ring" joke here, pls
There's also the intriguing music scene dimension (one post is entitled GODSPEED! YOU REFRIED BLACK BEAN EMPEROR). When he's not creating spicy treats in the excellent kitchen of The Captain's Rest, the Burrito Overlord is often out on the road with various bands, who he's tapped up to provide their own first-person tales of burrito dreams and nightmares. There's loads of great rockstar/hipster-generated content, with contributions from such fine Glasgow-based acts as the mighty Sons And Daughters and swaggering new-bloods Kassidy.

The 'Fast And The Bean-Curious
It's also worth noting that the rise of the Burrito Overlord has coincided with a mini-explosion of new Mexican joints in the Weedge, including the two branches of Taco Mazama, yon Pinto on Queen Street and that new place at the bottom of Byres Road where the Pakistani Cafe and many other restaurants have expired. Is it called Pinata? We're sure he'll get round to it soon ... and give it a right good doing.

So for all these reasons and more, TATTGOC salutes Glasgow Mega Burrito.

So join him! He's on Twitter! (And get a T-shirt whilst you're at it ...)

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Anonymous said...

Avoid Pinata. Its absolutley woeful. Taco Mazama and Pinto are both great though.

The Duke said...

Bibi's in Partick is well worth a visit too.

beneld said...

If he does work in Captains Rest then ask him why they dont lightly grill the tortilla to give it some color and if you even put lettuce in a burrito it would be shredded not whole leaves. That is the whitest burrito i have ever had along with the unexpected lettuce.

The Tramp said...

Interested to hear that Pinata is a dud. That corner never has much luck with restaurants (although Ad Lib stuck it out for quite a while there and did a cracking porterhouse steak).

The Tramp certainly gives both Taco Mazuma and Pinto the thumbs up - nice to see both of them operating successfully, hopefully they keep doing well.

Looking forward to Lupe Pintos Great Western Chilli Cook-Off on Sat 29th October. £10 a ticket (all proceeds to charity) and you follow a chilli trail visiting various West End eateries sampling (and judging) their chilli. Sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon (and a great excuse to knock back loads of tequila).