Curry Confessional: The Tramp's Forbidden Love

Forgive me, curry brothers and sisters, for I have sinned. The guilt has been building for some time now and the recipe included in my recent Jukebox Puri was the final straw – I have to confess for the sake of my own sanity. For while I mocked Moe Koffman's Curried Soul recipe as "quite a bizarre one" I was actually subconsciously deflecting attention from the fact that it bears an uncanny resemblance to one of my darkest guilty pleasures. A dish that would haunt the psyche of any self-respecting Curry Lover of The Year ... yes, yes, I CONFESS! I'm partial to the old-fashioned, warped version of our favourite foodstuff – that bastardisation often referred to as ... the English Curry.

REVIEW: Rasoi To Believe

Rasoi, Partick Cross

The Time: March 17, 8.15pm

Booking Name: Neil Jordan (apparently he loves hot curries, which is why knows all there is to know about The Crying Game)

The Pub Aforehand: The Dowanhill, Dowanhill Street

In Attendance: Trampy, The Tramp, The Bulldosa, The Duke, Rabbie Shankar, Rogan Josh Homme and returning wanderer Ali.

Decor: The Rasoi has been recently refurbished in warm, earthy colours making it seem very cosy. There is also some nice abstract art on the walls. 

Expectations: The curryhouse that used to be on this site, Millennium Platter, had long been a TATTGOC punchline so, for good or ill, the squad were very curious to find out what Rasoi had to offer ...especially on St Patrick's Day.

The Experience:

Only a pair of impossible fools would arrange a Curry Club meet-up on the same night as St Patrick’s Day, right? But that’s just how Trampy and The Tramp like to do things, mixing and matching cultural stereotypes and signifiers at will. Earlier on that fateful day, The Tramp had kindly hosted a pre-meet-up screening of Leprechaun (1993), a frankly ridiculous horror movie starring a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston as a young lady in peril and a post-Return Of The Jedi Warwick Davis as the shoe-loving sprite of the title. Even with the analgesic aid of some cans of draught Guinness, this outing was garish, borderline incoherent and veered wildly in tone from slapstick comedy to stomach-churning horror.

And the film was arguably worse.

Just kidding! Don’t make that face, Tramp! As it turns out, TATTGOC's March madness was actually pretty good, turning over some pretty ingrained preconceptions in the process. How intriguing ...

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The Tramp's Jukebox Puri: Moe's Curried Soul

Well, well, well... Just like buses, it seems that you wait a whole year for a new Jukebox Puri then two come along at the same time. It's only been a month or so since we last took the Wurlitzer for spin but it was good having the old girl back in action so why not crank her up again? Last time I invited you to pour a G&T, pop on your slippers and kick back in a comfy chair for the chilled out, and slightly psychedelic, smooth jazz noodlings of the Indo-British Jazz Ensemble record Curried Jazz. This time, it might be an idea to get the lounge suit out and  pull on a roll neck because there will definitely be jazz flute ahead as we check out Moe Koffman's Curried Soul.

The Monday Side Dish: March 14

Can a curry blog – even a highly-respected, award-winning curry blog – truly stay on top of the world's spicy news when it only updates once a week? Probably not, which is why Trampy and The Tramp's Glasgow of Curry occasionally orders up The Monday Side Dish: a platter of grilled titbits to tide you over until Thursday. Pass the raita ...

A slightly belated Monday Side Dish this week, but it's sort of appropriate that it arrives around dinnertime, right? And how could TATTGOC – long established as the internet's foremost clearing house/amnesty centre for curry-related puns – not report on a comedy competition launched by Slumdog man Charan Gill (pictured left)?

Glasgow's much-loved Curry King is wearing a traffic-cone crown to promote the launch of a new  competition – Gag On For A Curry – where he's inviting would-be comedians to submit their best curry-related joke. What do you win if your gag gets Gill laughing? A free ticket to one of Slumdog's Pakora, Pint And Patter Sunday lunchtime gigs, running during the duration of the Magner's Glasgow International Comedy Festival, where you can enjoy both a spicy feast and some of Charan's top-notch stand-up. Laugh? I nearly karahi-ed!

Since the Pakora, Pint And Patter gigs run for the next four Sundays (Mar 20 and 27, April 3 and 10), there's a sort of rolling closing date – you just need to email your most hilarious curry joke(s) to to be in with a chance of winning one of the 10 tickets up for grabs. For his part, Gill says: "Glasgow punters have always loved combining a curry with a good laugh, and, having gained a reputation over the years as a bit of a patter merchant, I’m really looking forward to hearing their favourite curry gag."

Sure. He says that now. But how many "he slipped into a korma" punchlines can one man stand? Guess we'll find out ...

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Tastin' With The Tramps: Mr Singh's Curry Pies!

The distinguished members of TATTGOC sure do love their curry, as evidenced by their current title of Curry Lovers Of The Year. But their ongoing quest for spicy satisfaction isn't merely limited to TATTGOC's regular excursions to some of Glasgow's hidden-gem curryhouses. If they happen across almost any curry-related foodstuff or product, Trampy and The Tramp feel compelled to take it for a spin – and thus was born the irregular feature Tastin' With The Tramps, where TATTGOC's burly founders crack open the Kingfisher and get their laughing gear round something fiery. What curry-related foodstuff or product is in the hot seat this time? None other than the mighty Chicken Ambala Curry Pie, a football-friendly collaboration between Mr Singh's India, McGhee's Bakery and Pars Foods. We know the Tramps love curry. We're certain the Tramps love pies. And we're pretty confident they know absolutely nothing about football. So as they say in soccer circles: let's get ready to rumble!

Satty S, Kenny D and Bobby S: not being shy, showing their pies
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The Monday Side Dish: March 7

Can a curry blog – even a highly-respected, award-winning curry blog – truly stay on top of the world's spicy news when it only updates once a week? Probably not, which is why Trampy and The Tramp's Glasgow of Curry occasionally orders up The Monday Side Dish: a platter of grilled titbits to tide you over until Thursday. Pass the raita ...

As you may or may not know, the mighty Scottish Curry Awards 2011 are cocked, locked and ready to rock, taking place on Monday May 23 at the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow. Nominations are now open, so to ensure your voice is heard, check out the categories here and download a nomination form. Get to it, because the closing date for nominations is Friday April 15. You may remember around this time last year, the Tramps were harassing visitors to nominate this very blog in the Curry Lover of the Year category – rest assured there will be no such shrill badgering this year. Some restaurants have already got the ball rolling on their campaigns though ...

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REVIEW: Diggin' Agra Culture

Agra, Anniesland

The Time: February 16, 8.15pm 

Booking Name: Christopher Nolan 

The Pub Aforehand: Lock 27, Crow Road 

In Attendance: Trampy, The Tramp, The Bulldosa, Rumpole Of The Balti, Ravi Peshwari and Sir Spicy Lover

Décor: On a bit of Crow Road that seems to boast a disproportionate amount of restaurants, Agra stands out due to excellent signage. Inside, the vibe is sleek and modern with an appreciative nod to the past with period portraits on the wall.

Expectations: The Duke used to live very near Agra but had never sampled its spicy wares ... this was to be a mystery mission.

The Experience:

Like Iggy Pop once barked, “ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”. The still-nascent 2011 is supposed to be the year that TATTGOC switches things up, experiments with the form and kneels before Lady Gaga and Girl Talk to fully embrace remix culture, because everything is a remix, baby. So, in that pathbreaking spirit, the Tramps opted to change the February meet-up from boring old traditional Thursday night to a finger-snappin’, hellzapoppin Wednesday night ... in Anniesland. Can they help it? No. They were Born This Way. And what was the upshot? In all truth, a slightly less populous turnout than they had initially hoped.

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