It's Episode 11 Of Our Curry Podcast! And, Slightly Confusingly, Also Its One Year Anniversary!!


Has it really been a whole year since Trampy and The Tramp started exchanging spicy banter on the world's only curry podcast? That means Episode 11 is a sort-of special anniversary Keep Calm And Curry On packed to the gunnels with the Tramps' signature mix of uncommonly witty and urbane newsgathering and opinion. For a podcast that's had a year to sort itself out, you might be a little surprised by the variable sound quality in the first 15 minutes or so – rest assured it gets a bit better as things go on. So what's on the docket?

In the curry news section, the Tramps salute the worthy winner of the Kismot's Kurry King/Queen competition and struggle with the word "refrigeration". They also throw a spotlight on a new event intended to help families get the most out of their weekly messages with Tom Shields and Mother India's Monir Mohammed. The Ashoka's lunchtime thali and the Halal Kebab House's Reshmi Roll are reviewed in short order, before our burly heroes chew over a post-Curry Capital 2012 question: should Glasgow be proud of their Curry Capital campaign?

And if all that sounds also too much curry-related conversation, there's also some chat about the Boots Meal Deal and what She-Hulk is like "in real life". Plus a Jukebox Puri track that might sound familiar ... and familiarly awesome. We also did the Smokey And The Bandit-style outtake before the actual song! AND PEOPLE SAY WE DON'T INNOVATE.

Two more points of order that didn't quite make it into the podcast:

1. The next issue of The List magazine has a vast Edinburgh/Glasgow takeaway round-up in their next issue, streetdate November 14. Trampy witnessed some of it in action and it looked very impressive, looking forward to the feature.

2. If you'd like to hear even more of The Tramp's dulcet tones, he recently guest-starred on the November 4 episode of The Tech Network's excellent Gamer podcast – check it out on iTunes HERE.

But back to your current programming, jammed into the Mixcloud player below:


(Click below for the shownotes, with useful links and info for Episode 11:)

– you can check out the Kismot's website HERE

– Deadline News has the skinny on the Kurry King Kompetitors HERE

– Tom Shields' Broken Biscuits Cookery Club with Monir Mohammed is on November 17. Details HERE

Trampy and his thali (The Tramp's wife not pictured)

– more details of the Ashoka Ashton Lane HERE

– if you fancy a Reshmi Roll, the Halal Kebab House is at 164 Albert Drive, G41 2NG

– you can watch Glasgow's Curry Capital 2012 bid video HERE

– and you can download The Tramp's now-legendary Curry Capital Jukebox Puri track HERE

That's it! (And remember, if you want to get in touch, you can email the Tramps HERE.)