After The Gosht Of Xmas Past, It's The Sunday Post Of Xmas Present!

Oor Wullie Annual 2013 – flanked by our heroes?
A strange week at TATTGOC Towers. Just as the blog was about to go to press – as if that's even a thing any more – came the sad news that Ravi Shankar had passed away at the age of 92. The first thought of the Tramps was to put together some sort of salute or tribute, especially as the last time Shankar featured in the Tramp's Jukebox Puri it was way back in episode 6 of Keep Calm And Curry On. Rather than knock off something in a hurry, the Tramps have decided to save their tribute to the sitarist until the next episode of the podcast, where it will be possible to play out to some of his fantastic music. So what does that leave in the spicy docket? Only TATTGOC's appearance in the Sunday Post at the weekend! After texting a lot of friends and family about this development, a lot of them got back in touch to say hey were particularly impressed that Trampy and The Tramp had apparently inspired the front-page headline.

Of course, that was inaccurate. The Tramps weren't freed in a jail blunder, they merely got let out thanks to a last-minute intervention by TATTGOC's legal counsel Rumpole Of The Balti. But the real story was in the centre pages, and while the Sunday Post's website isn't comprehensive enough to include every little story, you can get a flavour of it in the picture below. You may have to squint a little.

Some of the best passages include: "... similar to the scene in Lady And The Tramp when the two dogs shared a meal"; "Trampy and the Tramp went on to scoop the accolade"; and "Graeme and Chris have lost none of their appetite". The picture caption is also a belter. As long-time fans of The Broons and Oor Wullie, it's long been an ambition of TATTGOC to be featured in the SPost, especially as it was the media sponsor of the Scottish Curry Awards in that magical year of 2010. We also got a big bump in site traffic on Sunday and also on the Monday. So thanks to Stevie Gallacher for making it happen. Next time, our burly heroes will be angling for a guest appearance in The Broons – either a curry with Hen and Joe or a double-date with Maggie and Daphne. Apparently Trampy is half-French and half-Polish, or so the twins say ...



Frank said...

Great work chaps. And the new look is a winner too. Rumpole

Sir Spicy said...

Double date with Maggie and Daphne - excellent idea! I think a foray into appearing in your own comic strip should be your first quest for 2013. And what kind of food did you go for on the night out?