Valentine's Curry: The Vindalook Of Love


We are hopeless romantics here at TATTGOC. No, really, ask anyone who has been lucky enough to spend February 14th with a Curry Clubber and they'll tell you: absolutely hopeless. But that's what happens when you try and balance the two great loves of your life. This time last year, the Curry Club managed an epoch-capping first, taking the ladies of TATTGOC – or the Saffrongettes, as they are also known – out for a co-ed curry to Glasgow's most notoriously sexy Indian restaurant, the Kama Sutra on Sauchiehall Street. You can relive that spiciest of TATTGOC adventures HERE.

But what do you get the curry lover in your life? If you were in New Zealand, we would be quick to recommend Love Thy Curry, a range of gourmet, gluten-free curry kits that understand that the first bite is with the eye, even when it comes to packaging – each of the ten kits is beautifully put together, so even though it's essentially a Lego set for delicious curry, it does seem to have some artistry about it. The Moghul Chicken Korma, complete with almonds and bay leaves, looks particularly tantalising although you might struggle to get it all the way from New Zealand to here for Valentine's Day 2013.

Closer to home is the Valentine's Box from The Spicery, which contains all the ingredients to make a south-east Asia-style curry flavoured with spices known for their aphrodisiac qualities, including cardamon, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger. The pitch might not be love poetry, but they know how to turn a word or two when it comes to selling spices as lovebombs: "In ancient Rome the word ‘cinnamon’ was akin to the modern use of ‘sweetheart’, so highly prized were its love-inducing properties. The Arabs and Hindus mention spices such as cloves, cardamon and ginger in their texts on love – spices are thought to enhance the senses and raise the heart rate, mimicking feelings of love. The addition of lime leaves, lemongrass and rose petals in the sauce lighten the curry flavour and add a delicate floral scent. After all it’s not Valentines Day without a rose in there somewhere!"

It's letterbox-friendly – but does it include first class male?

Well-played, The Spicery. Well-played. The masterstroke in Valentine's Box – apart from the fact that it comes ready to fit through your letterbox, thereby adding innuendo to the list of potential additional ingredients – is the fact that it comes with a delicious-sounding dessert of Tahitan vanilla pannacota with strawberries and rose petal syrup, and who could resist that after a curry? And they've also thrown in a couple of extras, in teh form of some fennel seeds to "freshen breath and aid digestion" (vital) plus a delicately rose-scented tea they've cheekily called "Rose-Tinted Glasses". All that for just £6.50 and, as previously noted, it's all letterbox-friendly. Definitely one to put on the list for next year.

We're big comics fans at TATTGOC so during the months of work putting together this Valentine's feature we reached out to Marvel godhead Stan Lee (who, while famous for co-creating Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and many other heroes, also wrote his fair share of romance comics in his time). "Valentine's Day is coming up soon, Stan," we said. "What curry would you like to get your hands on?"

"That's an easy one, TATTGOC True Believers," replied the 90-year-old. "Adrianne Curry, every time. Excelsior!"

I guess we can see his point.


The Tramp said...

Top banter from Stan there.

Want to know what Trampy and The Tramp are doing for Valentine's Day? We'll I made a spicy treat that I'll be delivering later in the day... aw. How romantical. Keep your eye's peeled for a future Tastin' With The Tramp's to find out what it is...

Unknown said...

HA! Cheeky! My kinda Curry!
Any more podcasts coming?

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