Keep Calm And Curry On: A Special Scottish Curry Awards 2013 Podcast


It's been a couple of weeks since the Scottish Curry Awards 2013 and having had enough time to reflect on the night, it's time for the Tramps to unpack their experience. We all know they were crowned Curry Lover(s) Of The Year in 2010, but how did they fare when returning to the awards as judges? And how would The Tramp cope since Trampy was unable to attend on the big night?

It was a night of a fair few surprises, and now you can hear the Tramp talk about his experience of presenting the Best Of Glasgow award on the night while Trampy's voice audibly deteriorates as this very special podcast episode contains. There's also time to reflect on the winners in five key categories on the night, and the Tramps draw back the curtain a little on the judging process – it's all there in the Mixcloud player below.

You can also download the MP3: HERE!

Or listen on Mixcloud: HERE!

Here's the official pic of Bobo Balti and The Tramp presenting the Best Of Glasgow award:

And, even more crucially, here's Bobo and Debbie McGhee rocking the eye-test spex on the night:


Debbie McGhee said...

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that as a guest of TATTGOC at the Scottish Curry Awards 2013 that I would partake in such diverse activities as testing my eyesight, measuring my tyre tread and 'thumbs upping' with the glamorous Sean Batty. Thank you. I think. Debbie McGhee.

Unknown said...

Glad your podcasting again!