Moving Out With Rumpole ... And Dining In With Mother India


It feels like a fair few weeks since the last official TATTGOC outing (although the Tramps recently managed to fit in an informative trip to Mister Singh's India). Things get a bit tricky in summer, with folk going on holiday or preferring cocktails in the early evening sunshine rather than an enormous curry. But Curry Club isn't just about going to the pub, then a curryhouse and the back to the pub. Like Martini Bianco, it can happen anytime, anyplace, anywhere ... It's a state of mind.

The "One-Man Wolf Pack" moves in for the kill, right under the nose of Chasni Hawkes

So when TATTGOC's official legal counsel Rumpole Of The Balti and his fair lady Naanbread Mouskouri were preparing to move house, they sent up a flare to some strapping Curry Club members, including the legendary Tramps, Ravi Peshwari and the one and only Chasni Hawkes. Who better to shift roughly four metric tons of Balearic vinyl than these curry veterans? And at the end of their toil, a magical prize ... a massive carryout from the mighty Mother India's Dining In including a wide selection of spicy dishes and delicious daal. Rumpole even threw in some appropriate IPAs ...

So while it may not have been an official TATTGOC outing – there were rather a lot of women present – it was a highly enjoyable meal in what will surely become a lovely home. Congratulations to the happy couple!