The Curry Blog So Potent It Wins Awards Even When On Hiatus


Aloha, new friends and returning comrades. The curry blog referred to in the blog post title is, just to be clear, Trampy and The Tramp's Glasgow of Curry – TATTGOC for short – and it's fair to say that the Tramps were humbled and surprised to win an honourary menshy in the first and hopefully annual Not Just Another Food Blogger Awards 2014.

Glasgow is exceptionally well-represented in the awards, with James Vs Burger and the fantastic Oh Ma Cod getting props – and a special tea towel – in this inaugural year. There was also a shout-out for Burgerac, a blog that gets the serious props from TATTGOC for that awesome name.

If this is your first time at TATTGOC, we hope you'll have a look around – we recently celebrated five years in the curry-reviewing biz, but are taking a short break to get a handle on this cholesterol thing ... our top five posts by traffic, though, are these:

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We also have a podcast, yo: KEEP CALM AND CURRY ON

Aye ready!

T and TT xx