Hey, It's Episode Nine Of The Keep Calm And Curry On Podcast!


Now it might seem like TATTGOC's flagship podcast Keep Calm And Curry On is a remarkably professional affair but with the latest episode, our burly heroes have gifted loyal listeners with a peek behind the curtain, as they stumble through a particularly badly-written intro sequence. Usually, our audio boffins would weech out such a fankle but it caused such hilarity – including a reference to a non-existent news item about Peter Piper's Pickled Peppers being delivered by both red and yellow lorries – that it was judged entertaining enough to keep in the final edit. (There's also another blooper at the very end of the podcast where Trampy loses his way quite spectacularly for a supposed broadcast professional.)

Flubbing aside, there is no shortage of chat or topics in this super-stuffed episode of KCACO. In the sprawling news section, the Tramps belatedly mull over the key results of the Scottish Curry Awards 2012, look ahead to Glasgow's bid for Curry Capital 2012, round up some Mother India and Cafe India-related news, plus make an EXCLUSIVE announcement about TATTGOC's ambitious plans for August. In the review, Trampy talks about two different curry experiences across one London weekend, while the Burning Question sees our pilau polymaths trying to come up with the perfect recipe for their own Curry Capital-style competition, which apparently involves staging it on the telly. Plus there's a mindbending track (or at least, an excerpt) by Cosmic Eye from 1972.

It's all there, jammed into the Mixcloud player below:



(Click below for the shownotes, with useful links and info for Episode 9:)

– full details and pics of the Scottish Curry Awards 2012 winners are on the official website

– there was also entertainment from the Rockettes, pictured at the top of this post

– you can vote here for your favourite curryhouse to represent Glasgow in Curry Capital 2012

– and here's the official Curry Capital website

– Roy Beers' excellent piece about The Glasgow Curry Shop (plus our interview with Roy)

– more info about Cafe India's Dining In The Dark events in July and August

– phase one of Trampy's London adventure was at Chutneys Euston

– pictured below are the sizzling paneer starter, plus Thali Ho's amazing thali

– phase two was The Famous Curry Bazaar on Brick Lane

– pictured below are the shatkora lamb plus the stag (he's the guy on the right, "obvs")

– Cosmic Eye's Dream Sequence is available on Amazon, sort of

– and here's all of side A of Dream Sequence:

That's it! (And remember, if you want to get in touch, you can email the Tramps here.)

Courtesy Of Cafe India, A Very Special TATTGOC Tapas Tastin'
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Lime Pickle said...

Another top notch broadcast Tramps with bonus 80s American sit-com style out-takes at the end, quality.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention again boys! As I painted my living room today, thoroughly entertained by your podcast (as usual), my (now) slightly gammy shoulder twinged at the mention of our meet up in London. Good times though - surviving that bash to immediately dine with the tramps! Better medicine, me thinks, than going to A&E (despite the kind ambulance crew and cops thinking it a better idea).