We want YOU ... To Help Make Glasgow Curry Capital 2012

Even if you don't think about curry almost every single minute of every single day of every single year, you've still gotta admit it was pretty cool when Glasgow was crowned Curry Capital of Britain 2010. It was an occasion TATTGOC memorably marked by declaring our home city's "poppadomination". And while last year saw Glasgow slip into second place – leapfrogged by Bradford, with the help of a record-breaking 102.2kg onion bhaji – there is nothing more reliable than the unending march of time, and so the race for Curry Capital 2012 is well and truly begun! (Actually, it started three months ago, but now things are really hotting up.) And with Glasgow City Council recently crowned winners of the coveted Curry Lover(s) Of The Year title in the Scottish Curry Awards, it already feels like some spicy momentum is already building. To keep abreast of what Glasgow's up to, keep an eye on the council's Curry Capital webpage.

So ... what's the sketch this year?


As in Curry Capitals past, every city will be represented by a team of four restaurants, so the first task is to assemble a squad. The closing date for this round of voting is August 24, with the teams announced on September 5. You can also vote directly for your preferred city by emailing votecity@fedrest.com, with the closing date of September 21. Each council will have until September 24 to submit all the supplementary material for their bill. And then – after the craziness of National Curry Week running October 8-14 – the winner of Curry Capital 2012 will be announced on October 29, which might seem like a long way away but it'll be here before you know it.


So, first things first ... assembling a squad to symbolise Glasgow's curry superiority. Last year, the city was ably represented by Slumdog, Kama Sutra, The Neelim and KoolBa. Since then, Slumdog has sadly closed, replaced by some sort of gaudy global buffetpalooza, so the voting is wide open. The mighty Mother India, Assam's, Cafe India and other notable curryhouses have already started to reach out to their patrons over social media to canvas votes. 

As with the Scottish Curry Awards, TATTGOC would never try and influence anyone's vote ... so if you have a favourite curry restaurant, be it legendary or tucked away, you can put their name into the mix by voting online or downloading a form and posting it. Full details are on the council's Curry Capital webpage and you've got six weeks or so to decide. There are so many fantastic curryhouses in our city, we hope that come September 5 we'll have an excellent squad that will exemplify the many facets of Glasgow curry in 2012.


So if you were to type "Curry Capital 2012" into Google, you might reasonably expect to first come across the official webpage, heaving with info and easily identifiable by its retro design. But there's a little thing called the Olympics happening this summer and Brick Lane, famously London's spiciest mile, has also been named Curry Capital by some five-ringed committee or other. So they've bagsied the Curry Capital 2012 web address in an admirable attempt to draw attention to some featured restaurants in the area (intentionally or not, the website also seems determined to tell visitors that they can get an "average meal" at each curryhouse).

We're pretty sure it will all blow over once the Olympics are done and dusted so it probably won't impact on the "real" Curry Capital ("Continuity Curry Capital" certainly doesn't sound right), but it suggests that the organisers might want to bolster their online presence to ensure their fine award gets the recognition it deserves.

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Anonymous said...

Does the restaurant have to be within Glasgow council boundary or will a G postcode be enough to enter?

Anonymous said...

That's a good question. Since GCC is co-ordinating the bid, I expect they will be looking for restaurants within their boundary ... but probably worth nominating your chosen curryhouse through the website to see what they say.