Bad Dates

When the rice and naan arrive, it's always every man for himself at Curry Club – out come the elbows and grabby-grabby hands. But the brotherhood also has a compassionate side, which is why Trampy and The Tramp thought it was time to give something back. After watching Calendar Girls during their monthly Julie Walters movie marathon, they hit upon the perfect solution: a spicy calendar featuring the rugged hunks of Curry Club!

So, Trampy and The Tramp are proud to present a sneak preview of What's The Plural Of Adonis?: The Gentlemen Of Curry Club 18-Month Charity Calendar. That's the cover up there. And, for your delectation, we present four of the glossy pages below, which you can click on to see up-close. Each of the 18 months features a sympathetically art-directed portrait of one of our strapping members at their dashingly debonair best, as well as providing a handy reminder of when the next Curry Club is scheduled to unfold. So how do you get your hands on one of these valuable limited-edition items? Simply send us a postal order for £16 at the usual address, of which £1 will go to our nominated charity. Together, we can make the world a better place ... one pakora at a time.


The Bulldosa said...

Who's the big-nosed freak on the front cover?

The Tramp said...

Not sure but the graphic design team clearly had some trouble fitting the lettering in around it. The photo of him used for his month is a belter too.

Duke Mitchell said...

Let the Hollywood bidding war commence!