Frequently Asked Quest-naans

What the hell is Trampy and The Tramp’s Glasgow of Curry (TATTGOC)?
Good quest-naan!

Yes, it is … so what is TATTGOC?
Know this: Glasgow is routinely voted one of the best places to eat curry in the UK. So everyone who lives in the city has a favourite curry house, although they tend to be either long-standing institutions (like Mother India, the various Wee Curry Shops and the peerless Shish Mahal) or part of a few reliable, cannily marketed chains (notably the Harlequin group of restaurants). But what about all those curry houses that Glasgow residents walk past every day, without even giving them a second glance? The places with the purple curtains and flock wallpaper? The places you can’t actually see inside that remain a total mystery?

Yeah, what about them?
Well, what about gathering together a cadre of like-minded souls once a month and checking out these unknown curry palaces? That’s the philosophy behind TATTGOC. An ever-shifting curry posse, going where no naan has gone before. And then, belatedly yet fastidiously, blogging about the experience.

And who are Trampy and The Tramp?
The two curry-loving fellows who came up with the idea.

And why those nicknames?
Our co-founders were once witnessed sharing a single dessert – an uncommon occurrence, it must be said – and a third party mused that it was like "watching Lady and The Tramp", presumably alluding to the famous spaghetti scene. "More like Trampy and The Tramp," responded Trampy, thereby a) cementing those names in history and b) likening himself, perhaps unconsciously but still persuasively, to "Lady".

Are there, like, rules?
Technically, there is only one rule for Curry Club – nae credit cards. When we go to a restaurant en masse, no-one is allowed to use plastic when the bill arrives. As far as we’re concerned, cash is king. And it makes for a more satisfying picture of the final receipt with all those dirty tenners stacked up.

What about the weekly TATTGOC posts that aren't restaurant reviews?
They are just things that amuse Trampy and/or The Tramp.

And that weird "Missing In Action" sidebar slideshow?
The original goal of TATTGOC was to make people who once lived and socialised in Glasgow feel guilty about moving away to other cities. It was literally a way of saying: "Hey, check out the awesome time we're having! Even though you left! It's all happening right here!"

Has it now moved on from that initial aim?
Ummm ... we're working on it.

So can I join TATTGOC?
Yes! And no. To be a proper member of the brotherhood, you must be resident in Glasgow, Scotland and be invited to join by either Trampy or The Tramp. However, if you live outside Glasgow but like the idea, we welcome contributions from what we’re going to start calling Foreign Curryspondents. That’s like a mini Curry Club report from somewhere that ain’t Glasgow.

Sounds awesome. What do I have to do?
Just a localised, shorter version of our usual Curry Club reports … go to an Indian restaurant that you’ve never been to before, take some pictures (standard interior and exterior snaps, shots of both the menu and final bill, plus some generic pics of the experience) and email the whole shebang to In fact, if you would genuinely like to become a Foreign Curryspondent, email us ahead of time with details of your location and we’ll furnish you with all the necessary details. Everyone present at your meal will obviously require a curry-related nickname, but we will relax the strongly-implied "no wives or girlfriends" rule of the original Curry Club. You can also use cards, if you like.

So … is that it?

Yessir. We’re done.