You Can't Beat A Bit Of Bulldosa

You may know him as Curry Club's own volatile agent provocateur, a loose cannon rolling about on deck, a principled ronin and a relentless maverick all rolled up into one darts-loving roustabout, but one cold, hard fact remains: The Bulldosa is the closest thing to a conscience that the Curry Club possesses. That might explain why he was selected as the dashing cover star of What's The Plural Of Adonis?: The Gentlemen Of Curry Club 18-Month Charity Calendar (both original and variant cover editions). And when he's not openly questioning the ordering judgement of The Tramp or discreetly gauging the level of support he might rely on if attempting to overthrow the current TATTGOC leadership, The Bulldosa can most often be found sharpening up his darts skills with marathon sessions of 301, Shanghai, Killer, Round The Clock or – our favourite – Disregarding The Oche And Wildy Throwing All Three Darts At Once (remember, you don't get anything for two in the head).

Why this sudden interest in profiling a man with each foot firmly planted in the unassailably masculine camps of darts and curry? Simple. Hot on the heels of Ravi Peshwari, it's The Bulldosa's birthday today, he'd prefer to keep it quiet, and Trampy and The Tramp delight in gently embarrassing him. So happy birthday, man! And if marking up another year on the scoring blackboard of life seems like a terrifying reminder of your mortality rushing to meet you, just remember the words of that great 20th century philosopher Tony Green: settle in, take your time, there's no rush. 

Just listen to Tony.


The Bulldosa said...

Aww, thanks Trampers, there's a bull-sized tear in my eye. And cheers for putting up a more flattering picture of me this time as well!

Tony Green said...

That's red, it's number 7! You can watch television on this ... it's a television.