Wan Life Left

Never ones to overlook a cross-media promotional opportunity, Trampy and The Tramp recently attempted to raise national awareness of the world's finest curry blog by writing a letter to their favourite videogames radio show One Life Left. It's broadcast down in London town on Resonance FM, but thanks to the wonder of the internet, podcasts and the like, anyone can listen to it.

If you've never tuned in to One Life Left before, it's a zany mix of videogame news, bangin' bit-tunes and ill-prepared but affable chat. It took Trampy a while to come round, but The Tramp's insistence of how awesome the show is eventually persuaded him to become a fan.

You can download full OLL episodes from the website and it really is worth a listen – as the hosts are always pointing out, you don't even have to be into videogames to enjoy it. The guys who make it are also pals with Rockstar Dave, a legendary friend of TATTGOC, which gave us a handy pretext for writing in. Anyhow, here's a short clip with the TATTGOC shoutout. Just try not to be too dazzled by Trampy's burgeoning video skillz – check out the Ken Burns reverse zoom!


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