The Tramp's Jukebox Puri: Dirty Feeds Done Dirt Cheap

Relax, curry fans. The Tramp is back with a musical post to keep you occupied until TATTGOC's next sortie into curry territory unknown. But my Jukebox Puri isn't its usual sitar-wielding self this time out. For this was a special week indeed, as Curry Club legend Ravi Peshwari pulled out all the stops and managed to secure three of the hottest tickets in town - genuine Silver Lounge-access seats for AC/DC's totally sold-out monster gig at Hampden Stadium on Tuesday night. And who did Ravi decide to take along with him for a night of pure, unreconstructed rock? Trampy and The Tramp, of course - and Ravi even arrived at the event armed with bounteous bagfuls of pakora from last month's southside Curry Club venue - the now-legendary Anarkali - thus rubber-stamping the entire evening as an official Curry Club expedition.

I won't go into too much detail here - rest assured that the gig was as awesome as it promised to be - but I've put together a completely shonky musical slideshow (though not quite as shonky as Trampy's recent effort) which I think accurately sums up the whole experience, considering the equation for the night contained the following elements: SEEMINGLY ENDLESS PAKORA + TATTGOC + SEEMINGLY ENDLESS TENNENT'S VELVET + FIREWORKS! + SEEMINGLY ENDLESS ANGUS YOUNG GUITAR SOLO!! + CANNONS!!!

So sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy ...


Anonymous said...

double rock hands salute for you Tramp. Nice photo montage.

captain Karahi....CHOP!