Mariah Had A Little Lamb (Korma)

Remember the very early, Wild West-evoking, digital frontier-taming baby steps of TATTGOC? When Trampy and The Tramp often pressed other websites into service to meet their self-imposed weekly deadline of curry-related buffoonery? Times like this and this? Well, looks like we're back to those good old days.

This week's update turns TATTGOC's self-generated-content-avoiding spotlight on a wacky website called Food'Lebrities, which posits that Fame + Food = Funny. This frivolous portal invites surfers to punningly combine a celebrity with a foodstuff, then haphazardly create a visual "mash-up" (the term is particularly appropriate in this context) to better illustrate the joke.

Make no mistake, despite the slightly clunky name, Food'Lebrities is quite a hoot, with efforts ranging from the notably good (I liked Humphrey Yogurt) to the whiffingly bad (nice swimming trunks, Cod Stewart) via the mystifyingly clever (hello, Bruce Stringbean). Some of the gags might be lost on a UK audience as they rely on American references – exotic-sounding, undoubtedly unhealthy foodstuffs like Snow Cones, Wonderbread and Apple Jacks – but you usually get the gist.

Sadly, there's only a pretty brief curry section, but what's there might raise a titter: Mariah Curry (pictured above), Bill Curry (with a slightly rubbish picture) and buried elsewhere on the site, Ravioli Shankar and the suitably surreal Chicken Tikka Masalvador Dali.

Anyway, we've probably shanghaied enough of someone else's web content for one post. What's that? If Trampy and The Tramp had to choose a favourite Food'Lebrity, who would it be? Probably this one. Or maybe ... this.

Here come the meat sweats ...


Duke Mitchell said...

Disappointed that my first crush, Curry Fisher, was nowhere to be seen.

Naan Solo said...

Don't you mean Karahi Fisher?

"Help me Gobi-Nan Achari, you're my only hope?"