The Vice Man Cometh

Some know him as Rogan Josh Homme. Others as "Super Ali" (which, in some ways, would also be a pretty good Curry Club nickname). He's TATTGOC's movie expert, has a sweet linen suit and can grow a hell of a bandero 'stache. But he's gonna miss this evening's meet-up because it's his birthday. Dinnae worry, Ali! We'll raise a glass! And we made this birthday greeting video for ya (it's quite a big file but is hopefully worth the loading wait).

UPDATE: One intrepid clubber has pointed out that Michael Naan's Miami Vice is actually on STV this Saturday at 9.15pm ... that's some freakin' synchronicity right there!


Rogan Josh Homme said...

Awwww shucks... you guys! Sorry for the belated post. Was taking it to the limit one more time and been deep undercover... so deep I forgot.

Trampy and the Tramp - you're the best the best!!!

Rogan Josh Homme

Rogan Josh Homme said...

That should obviously have just read "the best" although you're both awesome, so guess there's no harm in repeating it.

Rogan Josh Homme aka Super Ali