Talkin' Bout A Resolutions!

Hogmanay may already be a rapidly fading memory – especially for those of us lucky enough to witness the Tangent DJ tag-team reforming for the first time in yonks at a nondescript venue tucked away in deepest Scotstoun. But if you look inside your heart, there’s probably still the time and the inclination to come up with some optimistic guidelines for the 12 months ahead, a checklist of self-improvement that might eventually lead to some proper self-actualisation. So we've decided to do the same thing for TATTGOC and cook up five spicy resolutions for 2011 – but, just to keep things interesting, one of them is a total fake-out. The Tramps won't even try to make it happen. Can you guess which one?

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1. Eat more curry
Pretty self-explanatory, this, but even though the Tramps and the rest of TATTGOC probably consumed more curry in 2010 than they had done in any previous years (they don't just hand out Curry Lovers Of The Year awards to any old soaks), there's undoubtedly still room for a wee bit more. And not just any curry, either; while still scouring the streets of Glasgow for the best of the commercially available stuff, the Tramps hereby vow to do more home-made currying too, and will encourage the rest of TATTGOC to experiment in the kitchen. (Apparently the Bulldosa does a mean lamb bhoona ...)

2. Shape up
While this might appear to be in direct contradiction to (1), the fact remains that just as TATTGOC's sphere of influence inexorably grows, so too do Trampy and The Tramp. As well as being the year of TATTGOC's newly-christened Spice Odyssey, 2011 is also replete with weddings, and it's been a while since either of the Tramps have been able to wriggle into their kilts without wincing. Does this mean that the popular Tastin' With The Tramps feature will suddenly transform into Trainin' With The Tramps? Possibly! (Probably not.)

3. Organise a Curry Club outing where the Saffrongettes are officially invited
As all initiates know, there’s no TATTGOC rule that precludes “the ladies” coming along. In fact, nowhere is it written that Curry Club is male-only – it’s just strongly implied. But in the interests of peace, love, harmony and experimentation, wouldn’t it be great to have just one outing where the other, considerably-less-bearded halves of Curry Club could come along and see just how exciting the monthly meet-up is? The Tramps are confident that after seeing it with their own eyes (and smelling it with their own delicate noses), the Saffrongettes would rapidly realise that they're not missing out on anything that special, and would inaugurate their own Vampy And The Vamp's Glasgow Of Cocktails blog pretty goddamn sharpish.

4. Be nominated in the Scottish Curry Awards 2011 ... in a category other than Curry Lover Of The Year cos you cannae get it twice
It's extremely rare – nay, unprecedented – for anyone to be nominated as Curry Lover Of The Year two years in a row at the Scottish Curry Awards, so the Tramps have resigned themselves to relinquishing the title to some other deserving person and/or blog in 2011. BUT! That doesn't necessarily mean that TATTGOC have totally thrown in the towel ... and there are plenty of other categories to try and get nominated in. "Curry King/Queen" or "Restaurant Of The Year" might be a bit ambitious, but if we started our own TATTGOC supermarket chain, and then created our own ready-meal curry, we may still be eligible for Best Supermarket Curry Of The Year. Two-times winners Asda are undoubtedly getting complacent, so now is the time to strike!

5. Interview Hector from the Curry-Heute blog ("more than just a Glasgow Curry Blog")
It was only in the dying months of 2010 that the Tramps discovered the Curry-Heute blog (literally, "Curry Today" or perhaps even "Curry ... Now!"), where spicy fanatic Hector tabulates his unstoppable curry obsession, essentially pinballing between The Village, Cafe Salma and Yadgar, but also taking in an astonishing number of curryhouses all over Scotland and Europe. We've talked about curry legends in the past, but Hector has demonstrated a level of commitment that almost puts TATTGOC to shame. But the real reason we want to speak to him is that he recently visited the Indian Orchard in Partick – the spicy crucible where TATTGOC was forged – and we wanna hear what it was really like (although apparently the prawn puri was pretty good). Just one more thing to look forward to on TATTGOC in 2011 ...

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Anonymous said...

6. Stop barring The Bulldosa and start barring The Duke instead, as the upper age limit for curry club attendees should be 65 years old.

Hector said...

Hi Chaps

Hector will be delighted to communicate re The Indian Orchard, or arrange a rendezvous at Yadgar, yes it is that good.
Congratulations with your ongoing success, alas despite my April 1st Blog, anonymity is the best option for Hector currently.