TATTGOC Salutes! No 2: Ravi Peshwari

Each member of TATTGOC brings a different flavour to the Mumbai mix. Trampy juggles puns. The Tramp has a formidable logistical mind. And The Bulldosa used to have access to a dartboard. Each month, these seemingly chaotic elements smash together to create the special spicy sauce that is undeniably TATTGOC. Sometimes it is smooth. Other times, it can be rather coarse. But it is always mighty tasty.

All of which brings us to Ravi Peshwari, veteran Curry Clubber and – if you'll excuse the slightly 1980s-sounding construction – "computer whizz". Perhaps inspired by TATTGOC's shoddily slapped-together New Year's resolutions, Ravi recently contacted the Tramps to suggest one way to get 2011 off to a cracking start would be to streamline TATTGOC's URL from the slightly clunky www.trampyandthetramp.blogspot.com to something a bit catchier.

What was it? Click here to read on and find out ...

Something like www.trampyandthetramp.com

[If you've seen David Fincher's rat-a-tat Facebook backstabathon The Social Network, it was almost exactly like that bit where Justin Timberlake says "Lose the 'the'. It's cleaner" after like a million Appletinis.]

The Tramps thought this was a great idea, in theory, but that it would obviously be too much work. To which Ravi simply replied: "It's done." So now, if you point your internet browser to www.trampyandthetramp.com, it will take you to the familar, comforting hompage of TATTGOC. Feel free to update your bookmarks now. The very handy Blogspot publishing architecture remains in place, thank goodness; the URL will just look a bit nicer on the business cards that we're always threatening to get printed up. Plus, we now have a brand-new contact address: trampyandthetramp@trampyandthetramp.com

It might seem like a small change, but it opens up all sorts of possibilities (including personalised email addresses for all TATTGOC members), some of which we will roll out later in the year. But right now, the Tramps are inordinately excited and obviously personally validated to actually have their own domain name – you could say they're mad about the URL. If the internet is an endless wild savannah, we've just stuck our own tiny flag in it, and it's all thanks to the efforts of Ravi Peshwari who, it should be noted, also brings some great chat to Curry Club every month. So ...

Ravi Peshwari ... TATTGOC salutes you!

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