Exploring #PakoraWednesday With Robert Florence

Burnistoun's Quality Polis tuck into some quality pakora (the kitchen was spotless)

It started, as so many things do these days, with a tweet. Robert Florence – gifted writer, versatile comic actor, self-proclaimed gamesmaster, wrestling evangelist, Prince superfan and perhaps North Glesga's foremost selfie merchant – announced his latest crowdsourced happening to his 34,500 or so followers on Sunday May 12.

Like his comedy peer Limmy, Florence occasionally uses Twitter as a mass dispersal wind-up device on a touchscreen hairtrigger. But when it comes to things he loves, he loves them with a naked, almost disarming passion. And despite moulding himself into a sinewy weapon for his forthcoming Kelvin Brawl smackdown, the dude loves pakora. It featured heavily in Burnistoun's Quality Polis sketches, and halfway through his videogame house party/chatshow Empty at Glasgow Film Festival 2013, trays of Mother India's finest pakora were passed among the appreciative crowd.

So #PakoraWednesday looked like being a thing, with Florence issuing encouragement over Twitter, and laying out some ground rules. On Wednesday May 15, participants would phone their local Indian takeaway and order some pakora of their choice, then discuss what arrived, sharing their opinions and pics using the #PakoraWednesday hashtag, although some folk struggled with the 9pm starting gun.

For the inaugural event, Florence ordered from the Star five-in-one takeaway in Burmulloch, and even snapped a pic with his delivery female. We won't embarrass her by reproducing it here, but, seriously, check out the size of the Star portions. Muckle.

Most people got into the spirit of the event. Check out this formidable Marmaris payload. 

The recently opened Afghan Village on the Southside got a thumbs-up too.

As Twitter is also an inherently voyeuristic medium, there were also glimpses of some nice plates.

It was a frank and open forum to exchange views – a place for jokes, for criticism, for declarations, even accusations. Haggis vs mushroom vs chicken. There was absurdity ...

... and what seemed like genuine anger.

There were also some pretty incredible home-made efforts. We liked this one.

And Takeaway Secret author Kenny McGovern shared an interesting-looking recipe.

Unfortunately, the Tramps themselves were unable to take part – TATTGOC-affiliated fitba takes place on Wednesday nights and after the demands of high-tempo five-a-side it's all they can do to move, let alone eat. The three-hour games also take over the whole night. The Tramp did share his all-time pakora recommendation though.

For the full story, simply search the #PakoraWednesday hashtag and click "all tweets", allowing you to relive the event practically in real time. But will this be a one-off or a continuing weekly or monthly event, especially with Florence's wrestling date looming next month? Let's leave the last word to @choobanicus.


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