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Short but sweet, it's time for a TATTGOC round-up of curry news. Lots of people recently pointed us towards reports that Princess Catherine (nee Kate Middleton) was apparently having mucho preggers cravings for vegetable curry but we're a respectable, award-winning curry blog, not some tabloid gutter rag. We're BETTER THAN THAT! So we're going to stick to the high-class stuff for now, starting with the latest updates from the looming Scottish Curry Awards 2013 ...

A carnival atmosphere: McKie's in the middle

As you probably know, the Scottish Curry Awards will take place on June 10 at a central Glasgow location, and while the finalists in each category are just about to be announced, we can reveal a few juicy tidbits. The 2013 awards will now apparently include a "Best of Edinburgh" category, similar to the pre-existing "Best of Glasgow" (most recently won by former TATTGOC target Charcoals). The awards have also confirmed the host for the evening, award-winning DJ Liz McKie, who presents an evening show syndicated across Clyde FM, Forth FM, Radio Borders and the rest of the Bauer Network. There have been some memorable Scottish Curry Awards hosts in the past – who can forget Andy Cameron complimenting/making fun of The Tramp's beard in 2010? – but McKie is a dedicated pro, which is a good sign. So roll on June 10, and keep up-to-date with everything that's happening at the Scottish Curry Awards 2013 by keeping an eye on

You will not see this expression because you will be wearing a blindfold

A little later in June, Merchant City restaurant KoolBa is hosting a special "dining in the dark" event with Hardeep Singh Kholi, who has been getting decent write-ups for his performances across the UK which combine home cooking and comedy chat. On June 19, he'll be guiding blindfolded KoolBa diners through an epic seven-course journey of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes that promise to transport you from Persia to the Punjab, with your senses working overtime. Certainly, the idea of an official TATTGOC outing where everyone wears a blindfold is quite appealing. Tickets for this very special KoolBa event cost £30 and should be bought in advance from the restaurant. You can follow those guys on Twitter at

From the Guardian review: "I actually ate more of this than I strictly needed to, which speaks volumes"

Here at TATTGOC, we're more likely to head out to an amazing local curryhouse or whip up an breathtaking curry from scratch in TATTGOC Towers than pick up our tea from a supermarket. And yet, apparently supermarket meals are having a real impact on the culinary landscape, with a research firm claiming that visits to "ethnic restaurants and takeaways" had dropped by a staggering 123m between 2009 and 2012. The Guardian's excellent Word Of Mouth blog ran its own series of tests, bamming up supermarkets to send over their meal-for-two curry wares and reviewing them in nominally fair-handed, if ultimately pretty withering style. Not sure if we would have used "Better than bog standard curry?" as a recurring motif, but this was a pretty good cousin to our own Tastin' With The Tramps feature. Particularly liked the hilarious, slightly heartbreaking phrase "tiny naans, like children's mittens". You can read the whole sorry tale HERE

That's the end of our news buffet. Next Thursday: the official write-up of TATTGOC's May outing, which sees us return to the city centre ...

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