Disaster Strikes At TATTGOC Towers


Disaster struck last night in TATTGOC Towers. With Trampy currently out of action on the island of Jura (I think whisky may be involved in that caper) I had been entrusted with the update this week. Since both us have been flat out with work commitments it seemed fair enough to slip out a little teaser of something we have planned for the future, nothing too taxing ... what could possibly go wrong? 

At first all was going well. My reasonably shabby Illustrator and Photoshop skills were being tested as I put together a little glimpse of the future feature. Mere moments away from a final click of the save button my good lady wife, Mumbai Me A Pony, leaned across the screen to helpfully point out a spot where a small improvement could be made and BLAM ... fresh glass of gin and tonic knocked across the laptop. "Not the G'n'T!" I hear you cry. It's OK, we managed to save almost half the glass. The laptop, however, das ist kaput. Before it fully packed in, I did manage to get a snap of what I was working on – complete with weird LCD bleed colour action. Oh well, I've got another gin poured now so things aren't too bad. We'll be back next week with a proper piece for you if, that is, I manage to resurrect the laptop ... and if Trampy ever makes it back from Jura.

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Oopsy! - Mumbai Me A Pony