Tick, Tick, Tick, Bhuna ... Curry Capital 2013 Voting Deadline Imminent!!


It has already been the most epic of journeys. But we're now moving into the last three or four phases of the Curry Capital 2013 competition, and the most important thing to note at this point is that the ultimate deadline for public voting is Friday September 27. If you still don't appreciate the gravity of the situation, make a note: we used two exclamation marks in the post title. Shish. Just. Got. Real.

We've said it before, but since the way that we have been led to believe time works suggests that we won't actually have a chance to say it again – at least, not on this weekly update schedule – let us be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR: the only way that Glasgow will win is if we all band together and make our voices heard in the public vote. And if you do it through the official Curry Capital website, you could even win some Hungry House vouchers. Think of it as both carrot and Sikh (kebab).

Like the grunts in Starship Troopers, the Tramps have been doing their part, despite technical snafus and all sorts. Over on the Hungry House blog, we recently profiled the restaurants that make up Glasgow's Curry Capital team. Amazingly, no-one has Pinterested this particular article yet. C'mon guys!

A right pair of mugs etc

But this is bigger than all of us, it's almost as big as Bradford's infernal bhaji. Spread the word to your friends, workmates, relatives, employees, Twitter followers, pupils or patients under your care: VOTE GLASGOW! And we shall wear the Curry Capital crown in the year of the Commonwealth Games ...