Wii Or Ghee? An Interactive Investigation Into The Inherently Unsatisfying Nature Of Curry-Based Videogames

Long-time readers of Trampy and The Tramp's Glasgow of Curry may not be too surprised to learn that videogaming is an important keystone in the Tramps' hand-built cultural dyke, balanced precariously somewhere alongside spicy Indian food, the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the music of Bob Seger. (Actually, that last one might just be Trampy.) These guys have had deep and meaningful relationships with digital characters as antithetical as easy-to-draw Codemasters cash-cow Dizzy and quick-on-the-draw Rockstar cowboy John Marston. But there's rarely been a chance for the Tramps to enjoy both videogames and curry at the same time, unless it was grabbing at a Papa Gill's mixed pakora between Focus Attacks and Ultra Combos in Super Street Fighter IV. And despite their recent discovery of the online Flash game Classic Chicken Curry, that rarity looks set to continue. But don't take our word for it ... have a go yourself!

(Click here to test your curry cooking skills ...)

So as you can see, Classic Chicken Curry is your classic meal-assembly-simulator, a niche gaming sub-genre currently dominated by the mighty Cooking Mama franchise, and one that also benefits mightily from motion-control, where you can simulate chopping onions maniacally with a Wii remote safe in the knowledge your digits won't become unexpectedly detached. The cramped environs of a Flash game will always struggle to mimic the fun of Wii flailing, and the linear nature of Classic Chicken Curry means it's not so much a point-and-click adventure as a point-and-click checklist. In fact, any transcribed videogame solution walkthrough would pretty much double as the recipe: "Finely chop the onions, garlic and green chillies. Toss bowls into nearby tropical waterfall. Then pour an entire bottle of olive oil into a preheated pan ..."

So this initial dip into the raita of curry videogames was a little disappointing for TATTGOC. Still, it could be worse: retired videogame legend Dizzy could be ambushed by a broadsword-wielding gorgon demanding he concoct a curry out of his eggy brethren within a frankly prohibitive time limit. They would never allow that, right?

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