Gluttonous Maximus: INDIAN EPIC MEAL TIME

If you haven't heard of Canadian food guerillas Epic Meal Time, imagine Mounties who like to deep-fry Bountys. These are guys who love bacon so much they shoehorn it into every meal, creating grotesquely oversized versions of common dishes with calorie counts in the upper thousands. It's like Delia meets Jackass, with aggressive, ludicrous narration from unsmiling EMT mastermind Harley Morenstein. And while the results are sometimes grotesque, it's difficult not to admire their Brobdingnagian ambition. After Epic Eggroll ("General Tao sauce ... the lovechild of sugary sweetness and fiery spice!") and Tequila Taco Night ("If you don't marinate your meat in a Ziploc bag, you think too highly of yourself!"), it was surely only a matter of time before they turned their attention to curry? Right? And so it was ...

The Tramps have been aware of this spicy edition of Epic Meal Time for a few months, but held off posting it since it begins with Morenstein barging into a Montreal curryhouse, pulling out a (fake) handgun and waving it in the proprietor's face. Even for a comedic video, that seems a bit much. But once things transition to the kitchen, it gets pretty amazing pretty quickly. Here's the VT:

For the record, that's an onion bhaji the size of a shotputt, some kind of weird triple-layer naan pizza creation with butter curry candy bacon, topped with tandoori meat, plus an equally over-stuffed samosa. And for dessert? Gulab jamun with Jack Daniel's syrup, washed down with bacon curry Jack Daniel's shots. Amazing or appalling? You decide.

But here's a final thought from the Tramps: would Epic Meal Time be willing to take on Ayr's notorious Buckfast Korma?

Take korma yourself ... and each other.

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