Those English Curry Awards 2011 Winners In Full ...

Hear ye, hear ye ... for the first ever English Curry Awards took place this past Monday, and verily were there plenty o' winners. This newborn sassenach sibling of the Scottish Curry Awards was held at the opulent Sheridan Suite venue in Manchester, with over 700 guests on-site to celebrate the occasion. The requisite spicy banter came from compere Jeff Mirza (who is also headed for Edinburgh for the Fringe) and a commendable amount of money was raised for the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Sounds like a good bash!

Sadly, the Tramps weren't able to attend but thanks to our Twitter buddies at the Curry Council – deservedly nominated in the Curry Lover of the Year category, and pictured above looking way smarter than the Tramps ever did at either of the Curry Awards they attended – there was a blow-by-blow account of the warm-up, the meal, the entertainment and the award proceedings.

(It would be nice if TATTGOC's interest was predicated entirely on the general celebration and promotion of curry, but the Tramps were also keen to keep a close eye on the various English winners, the better to assess what cities posed a significant threat to Glasgow's teetering Curry Capital crown. Keep your jalfrezis close ... but your nooris closer.)

So ... who won what, then?

REVIEW: Charing-A-Ding-Ding!

Punjabi Charing Cross

The Time: July 14, 8.15pm

Booking Name: Lloyd Kaufman

The Pub Aforehand: The Avalon, nr Mitchell Library

In Attendance: Trampy, The Tramp, The Duke, The Gheezer, Ravi Peshwari, Rabbie Shankar and Onion Bah-G

Decor: Formerly a pub, the Punjabi refit has retained the large original bar but refreshed the rest of the spacious room, with Parma Violet walls, carefully deployed art and a logo-ed mirror. Very attractive hanging baskets outside too ...

Expectations: TATTGOC rated the original Punjabi near Ibrox, so hopes were high for this brand extension, not least because Hector over at Curry-Heute had given it the thumbs-up.

The Experience:

TATTGOC’s ramshackle constitution isn’t just a founding document – it can sometimes be a confounding one as well. There may be some truths in there that are held to be self-evident – nae credit cards allowed – but there’s also scope for interpretation. Technically, the Curry Club isn’t supposed to visit any curryhouses that are part of a chain. But wasn’t there a visit to Shimla Pinks one Christmas? And now this latest conundrum: the venerable Southside curryhouse Punjabi, which TATTGOC visited earlier this year, recently opened a second venue at Charing Cross. Does that constitute a chain? Is this second Punjabi out-of-bounds? Well?

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Wii Or Ghee? An Interactive Investigation Into The Inherently Unsatisfying Nature Of Curry-Based Videogames

Long-time readers of Trampy and The Tramp's Glasgow of Curry may not be too surprised to learn that videogaming is an important keystone in the Tramps' hand-built cultural dyke, balanced precariously somewhere alongside spicy Indian food, the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the music of Bob Seger. (Actually, that last one might just be Trampy.) These guys have had deep and meaningful relationships with digital characters as antithetical as easy-to-draw Codemasters cash-cow Dizzy and quick-on-the-draw Rockstar cowboy John Marston. But there's rarely been a chance for the Tramps to enjoy both videogames and curry at the same time, unless it was grabbing at a Papa Gill's mixed pakora between Focus Attacks and Ultra Combos in Super Street Fighter IV. And despite their recent discovery of the online Flash game Classic Chicken Curry, that rarity looks set to continue. But don't take our word for it ... have a go yourself!

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Tastin' With The Tramps: Waitrose Hot And Fiery Salad!

The distinguished members of TATTGOC sure do love their curry, as evidenced by their outdated title of Curry Lovers Of The Year 2010. But their ongoing quest for spicy satisfaction isn't merely limited to TATTGOC's regular excursions to some of Glasgow's hidden-gem curryhouses. If they happen across almost any curry-related foodstuff or product, Trampy and The Tramp feel compelled to take it for a spin – and thus was born the irregular feature Tastin' With The Tramps, where TATTGOC's burly founders crack open the Kingfisher and get their laughing gear round something fiery. What curry-related foodstuff or product is in the hot seat this time? It's relatively new ground for the Tramps, as they pit their own bad selves against Waitrose's Hot And Fiery Salad ... with special guest reviewer, Mumbai Me A Pony!

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