Kneel Before Pod! It's Episode 7 Of The Galaxy's Only Curry 'Cast ...

We know what you're thinking. "It must be about time for a new episode of Keep Calm And Curry On." And it is, so here you go. Your burly hosts must be getting better at talking fast, because this is the slimmest KCACO yet, breaking the tape at just under 35 minutes. Yet it still feels pretty packed, with a round-up of London curry pop-up events (one of which has, uh, been postponed since our recording session), news of an exciting new TV project for Curry Queen Madhur Jaffrey, and an enthusiastic but inevitably ill-informed trip into the world of football.

There's a short review of Kama Sutra's most recent opening in Stirling, plus an extended look at a curry cookbook from over 50 years ago that somehow manages to be both informative and yet wittier than most cookbooks (and even blogs) written today. And after last month's outing for Ravi Shankar in The Tramp's Jukebox Puri, it's time for his nephew Ananda to have his moment in the spotlight.

It's all there, stuffed into the Mixcloud player below ... 

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The podcast we occasionally call KCACO isn't yet available on iTunes, so if the embedded player above isn't doing it for you, you have a couple of other options:



And here are some useful links to what's covered in Episode 7:

– even before the news, there's some buzz marketing of Black Isle beer. Lovely, lovely beer ...

– Ravinder Bhogal (above) is on Twitter, details of her nine-course Dispensary feast are here

– annoyingly, Hardeep Singh Kohli's Chocolate Lab event has been postponed. Full details: here

– some more info on Madhur Jaffrey's forthcoming TV show

– a BBC report on India's football hopes for 2017

– the official Kama Sutra website has details of its Stirling operation

– good luck finding a copy of Harvey Day's awesome cookbook!

– Ananda Shankar's 1970 eponymous debut album is available on Amazon ...

– and here's the full Jumpin' Jack Flash track as selected by The Tramp

That's it! (And remember, if you want to get in touch, you can email the Tramps here.)

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