Vow Wow Wow: Raisin' A Glass To TATTGOC's Happy Couple(s)!

What a month it's been for TATTGOC-affiliated weddings! First up, Rogan Josh Homme wed his blushing bride after a self-described "whirlwind romance" of 13 years. That's right, Rogan Josh Homme, the man who once modelled as "Naan Solo" in What's The Plural Of Adonis?: The Gentlemen Of Curry Club 18-Month Charity Calendar, is now extremely non-solo. Sorry ladies! The poor-quality cameraphone shot from Trampy, below, can only convey a tiny flavour of the awesomeness of the day, from ceremony to proper Highland hoolie. No curry, sure, but also no shortage of cupcakes ... such delicious cupcakes ...

Then, just this past weekend, there was the long-awaited marriage of The Tramp himself: a two-day outdoors Nuptiapalooza that had been over a year in the planning. Even though the weather threatened to be uncooperative, it all worked out fine on this most special of days. The guestlist was packed with TATTGOC luminaries, including Lime Pickle – who arguably started this whole Curry-Club-members-marrying trend after his own spicy and incredible wedding day. Plus, there was a surprising appearance from Rumpole Of The Balti!

Actually, scratch that, it was an Elvis impersonator ... cuz the original plan was for The Tramp and Mumbai Me A Pony to wed in Vegas. And while there was no actual curry on the menu, the step-father of the bride brought tears to the eyes of both Tramps by mentioning this very blog in his official speech, which was above and beyond the call of duty. Talking of speeches, here's a pic of blushing bride Mumbai Me A Pony listening to her new husband's chat ...

... presumably not the last time she'll have to pretend to laugh at her husband's jokes in a social setting. But still: what an amazing occasion, and the beginning of an exciting new chapter for them both! So even if you're reading this while sitting at your human resources workstation dillydallying over the new departmental spreadsheet, or just apathetically Googling "delicious cupcakes" to take best advantage of Citylink's free wifi on a tedious bus journey, we would ask – NAY, DEMAND – that you should be upstanding RIGHT NOW ... *scrape of chairs, adjustment of comportment* ... for the traditional toast.

To the bride(s) and groom(s)!

... to the bride(s) and groom(s)!

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theodorecaleb said...

the bride and groom ... it was all kinds of awesome and your piece brought it all back to me. Well, some of it. Rumpole

Alison said...

Frank does a great Lawdy Miss Clawdy.