The TATTGOC Podcast Returns! And For Some Reason It's Still Not Called "CHATGOC"!!

Less than a month after rocking the international podcasting community to its white-earbudded core with the thrilling debut of Keep Calm And Curry On, the Tramps are back, Back, BACK with another pulse-pounding podcast. Usually, folk get better at performing technical tasks through repetition but, as ever, the Tramps are ploughing their own idiosyncratic furrow by releasing a follow-up episode where the sound quality is perhaps even more variable. Blame the insistent internal fan of Trampy's wheezy MacBook, then try and tune it out.
Still! On the Keep Calm And Curry On agenda in Episode 2: our burly newshounds have what will most likely be the final word on Curry Capital 2011 and also have time to cast an eye over the rise of pop-up curryhouses in Scotland. The Tramps also reminisce about their amazing visit to Mother India earlier this year. And, in The Burning Question, they not only broach the subject of whether the sudden explosion of curry cocktails is hot or not, but actually create their own ready-made classic curry-inspired beverage, seemingly on the spot (or not).

All that, and there's still room for The Tramp's Jukebox Puri, featuring a sitar-led Burt Bacharach cover from Bill Plummer and his in-no-way-terrifying papier-mache pals. It's roughly 45 minutes of spicy awesomeness, and you should be able to experience the soothing sonic vibrations in this embedded Mixcloud player RIGHT NOW.

It may still be a wee while before KCACO officially turns up on iTunes. So if the embedded player above isn't doing it for you, you can: