Three Things You Should Know About The Scottish Curry Awards 2012 ...

1. The closing date for nominations in the Scottish Curry Awards 2012 is May 18, according to the downloadable form, so that's just a week or so to get your thoughts in order and put forward your noms in the various sections, including the recently added "Best Of Glasgow" category. (There is also an online voting option.)

2. After winning in 2010 and, uh, not winning in 2011, remember TATTGOC came to the difficult but correct decision to withdraw from the coveted Curry Lover Of The Year category this year. Our pal Alex Salmond has enough on his plate ...

3. The big night is Monday June 11 at the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow. Should be a belter.

(OK, four things ... is no-one else freaked out by those FORK EYES?)

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