TATTGOC: A Spicy Primer

Ahoy there, and welcome to Trampy and The Tramp's Glasgow of Curry, especially if it's your first time visiting. Our love of curry is undoubtedly pure, but our expression of that love can sometimes be scattershot, so here's a rough guide to the TATTGOC brotherhood and our blog (which is usually updated Thursdays). There's also a long-standing FAQ, and a more recent 60-second video orientation.

In a nutshell, TATTGOC is a group of Glasgow-based currynauts who, every month, head en masse to one of the city's many curryhouses – ideally one that they have never been to before (which precludes places like the Shish Mahal, Mother India or the many Harlequin-operated restaurants). Afterwards, those spicy chieftains Trampy and The Tramp blog about the experience in words and pictures.

If you'd like to hear about the various places we've been to since November 2008, they're all listed in the Curry Houses Visited sidebar on the right (also available in Google Map form). It's not just Glasgow, either – we've got friends from all over the world reporting on their curry experiences in the From Our Foreign Curryspondent section, also tabulated on the right.

We were lucky enough to be crowned Curry Lover(s) Of The Year at the Scottish Curry Awards 2010 and took the opportunity of that fleeting fame to interview a whole range of notable curry lovers in our Pilau Talk: The Legends series, which are all definitely worth a read.

In the weeks when we're not reporting on an official TATTGOC outing or hearing from a Legend, there are other awesome regular posts, including The Tramp's Jukebox Puri, various Currypedia entries and also our original Curry Club Close-Up interview series with various members of the brotherhood. In less serious moments, we also enjoy defying Terence Stamp and creating charity calendars.

And since November 2011, we've been producing a podcast called Keep Calm And Curry On to keep you abreast of everything that's happening in the world of curry culture.

If you want to get in touch, you can leave a comment on any post or drop us an email at trampyandthetramp@gmail.com – and if you'd like to stay current with what TATTGOC does next, you might consider joining our Facebook page. We know from exposure to The Big Payback that James Brown didn't know karahi – instead, he knew ker-azy – but we like to think that if the Godfather of Soul had joined our Facebook he might have been better prepared.

Aye ready,

Trampy and The Tramp


Allen Henderson said...

Saw your feature in Sunday Herald Magazine (bugger, should have been an m, not an M...)Taj Mahal in Gourock is worth a visit. My favourite is the Staffs Choice. Always a gamble, but usually pays off. I live now in the Netherlands. Not a Curry Country, but have my Korma Sutra recipe book to recreate some favourites like Chicken Chasni, bummer is I have to find a Garam Masala dealer to do other dishes... Have fun and eat well chaps

Hendo! (somewhere in Holland)

Trampy said...

Thanks for the Taj Mahal recommendation, Hendo. And if anyone missed the Sunday Herald piece, it's now up on their website - clicking on my name above should take you straight to it.